Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CELEBRITY: Doctor Warns Angelina Jolie - "No more Babies"

The doctors have advised the most challenging star on earth, Angelina Jolie, to put her uterus down- yes you all got me right, she has been asked not to be pregnant or take anymore babies because if she goes for another one then she would be facing some severe and vital health risks.

We all know that her last two pregnancies ended up with emergency caesarian and difficulties.One of the insider told that, at least for a year, she shouldn't be getting pregnant or would be safer if she didn't get ever. As Julie have developed gestational diabetes, there is a risk of her getting a heart attack or a stroke and there is a great chance she will have it(gestational diabetes) back again which might be quite risky for the newborn because the baby might also have diabetes.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

FASHION:Alyssa Milano-Which Hairstyle suits her best

As we all know Alyssa Jayne Milano is a former singer and a very famous American actress.Although she is 36 years old now but her style and look proves that she is still cool.Over the past few years she have come up with lots of hairstyles,cutting her long hairs into short giving her new looks all the time.

So when it come to Alyssa's hair,which style do you think suits and fits her best?

A-Short and sweet � I liked this funky style.

B-Straight down � This classic 'do is the best

C-Long and wavy � The sexiness is undeniable.

D-Straight with bangs � This look is so fresh and sophisticated.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Games:Sock and Awe-Hit Bush with shoes as many times you want

We all know by now that last Sunday when president George W.Bush made his last visit in Iraq and was participating in a press-briefing, a very brave Iraqi reporter, Muntadar Al Zaidi, threw his shows targeting president Bush. It was really unbelievable to see how swiftly president Bush moved his head to escape that hit. But it was only a matter of time when this very notorious George Bush show-throwing occurrence has influenced and inspired an internet game where the player throws a shoe at a moving target of George W.Bush.

Although the brave Iraqi reporter might have missed his target but with this new game if you want to throw a virtual shoe to the virtual Bush then you can play this very funny shoe-throwing game on the internet at http://www.sockandawe.com/

The US symbolic name for the mission of uprooting Saddam Hussein from Iraq was 'shock and awe'.So mocking that mission this game has been named "Sock and Awe".This game allows the players to hit bush with a brown colored shoe as many times possible in 30 seconds.The game gives a running total of shoes to have hit Bush in the face -there were 42466570 successful hits at the time of writing this article.I hit 8 times myself and really enjoyed it a lot.So if you want to throw some shoes to you infamous president then I would say this is your best chance, so go for it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WWE: Undertaker and Michel McCool at the Airport

I have always liked the Undertaker all through my life and I am also one of his crazy fans.So taking that into memory, today I am going to present you all with a new video taken from the Airport where the Deadman and his dearest friend Michel Mccool was walking around.

The Undertaker was in full mood and talked with nobody except a man and two younger fans while Michel has been questioned about Britney Spear's return and how her relationship was going with the Undertaker.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Celebrity: Janet Jackson is surely Pregnant

After a huge rumor over the net and outside as well, it is now confirmed that the sweet ebony singer, our beloved Janet Jackson is very sure pregnant.

Janet Jackson and her man Jermaine Dupri are expecting their first baby.Although a few months back Dupri was straight forward when he told that they were not expecting any babies but the time has changed now and something good and different blow of wind is blowing in the sky. Now this week's issue of the famous magazine Life & Style confirms this whole report of Janet Jackson being truly pregnant.Well finally her dream's coming true, but she's a bit scared about becoming a mother at 42.

Lets hope for the best and we Congratulate both Janet and Jermaine and wish both the baby and the mother is safe.

Technology: SMS Messaging via Chat is now enabled by Gmail

A new aspect has been launched by Gmail that allows its users to send free SMS messages via the integrated Chat and in order to activate this fresh feature you have to visit the Gmail Labs page and find out the correct listings for it.

At the top of the chat window you just have to type a phone number into the search box if you want to send a message.You just have to hit "Send SMS" which is on the left side of the Gmail interface.You also have the option to allocate the numbers with contact names so you don't have to type the numbers again and again.The recipients on the other hand can simply reply these messages by simply using the reply button on their cell phones to send their own messages because Gmail ties a unique phone number with each of your contacts.

This service is currently being tested out only for the US phones for now although it's said that messages can be sent from abroad and you only have to direct it to a US number.This service might not be new to us as AIM has been doing it for years, but for the Gmail users it's quite a new and handy feature.Therefore,Gmail users from now on can send messages to their near and dear ones living in the US.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The brave dog saves another injured dog from highway - We humans should learn from it

In today's world where there are so much of hatred and no care or love for each other at all, this heroic dog in the video has done something so great that even we human should be inspired and learn some lesson from it. In this world today we are fighting and killing each other whether individually or by means of terror attacks only for our silly selfishness and instead of loving each other and helping in time of need we are every now and then backing down.

Animals have levels of confidence, loyalty, insecurity, fear, and sympathy the same as humans or could be even more and when they show it, we become astonished. As there is an over population of the street dogs, it's quite normal to think that one can get run off anytime by a vehicle. But when you watch this awesome video, the most surprising thing that will catch your eye is the heroic action of another dog who tries to save him (the dog which is ran off) by taking him to the side of the highway.What a brave dog he was, and what a great way to save his friend?Even many humans wouldn't have done like this for their fellow man. The drivers could have stopped the car and let him go.But what did they do? They kept him running off proving once again how cruel we humans are becoming day by day.

We should be all inspired from the act done by this great and heroic dog and we should also learn not to fight and kill others but help and save our near and dear ones in times of need.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Billy Lowe Speaks at the Queen Mary

Celebrity hairstylist & beauty expert Billy Lowe will make a special appearance for the 13th annual Bridal Showcase on board the Queen Mary LONG BEACH, CAJANUARY 11, 2009Each year, thousands of brides-to-be visit numerous bridal expos in preparation for their wedding day. From invitations, gowns and even wedding cakes, vendors of all kinds showcase their goods and services for visitors and

Health: APPENDICITIS-- It Can Happen To You Also

Appendicitis is the swelling or inflammation of a small tubular structure called appendix (it is a vestigial organ containing lymphatic tissue & serves no function in the digestive process) attached to the caecum of the large intestine. Sometimes the appendix burst to form peritonitis.

CAUSES: Appendicitis occurs owing to asphyxiation of the vermiform appendix. The vermiform appendix might be blocked & the blood supply to the appendix is reduced & eventually it dies. Accumulation of bacteria in the appendix causes the swelling & inflammation. This can end in perforation of the appendix & severe bacterial infection.

Faeces lodged in the lumen of appendix can cause blockage which may lead to appendicitis. The lymph nodes of the appendix may swell & block the lumen. The appendix can emanate thick mucus in the lumen. The mucus might bind with the cells of the appendix forming a thick substance which can again block the lumen of the appendix. The lumen can be ravaged with worms which can block the lumen & lead to appendicitis (especially in poor countries). The most common worm related with it is pinworm & schistomiasis. In rare cases tumor can cause appendicitis. The tumor can be in the appendix or can spread from other area. Wounding abdominal injuries in rare cases can cause appendicitis and also Genetic predisposition in some people might be the reason behind it.


ACUTE APPENDICITIS-- It develops faster & it can be detected easily.

CHRONIC APPENDICITIS--It is difficult to treat & it develops slowly.

ATYPICAL APPENDICITIS--It shows no symptom at all & the mortality rate of atypical appendicitis is very high.

SYMPTOMS: The most common symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain in the umbilical region which later moves to the right lower part. Other common symptoms are loss of appetite, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, fever etc.

DETECTION: The patient is said to cough. If severe pain is felt in the abdominal region then it concludes that the patient is suffering from appendicitis. The upper region of the groin can be pressed forcefully at little intervals until the pain is felt. Then immediately the pressing is stopped. If a severe pain is felt then there might be a chance of the patient suffering from appendicitis. Continuous pressing on the lower abdomen on the left side will make the intestine move to the right & at the same time the pain is felt. If no pain is felt then the same can be done on the right side.

Anyone regardless of age & sex can develop appendicitis. However men have a higher chance of developing it. Kids aging from 3-15 years mostly develop acute appendicitis. Elder people have a higher chance of having atypical appendicitis.The patient can fully recover if it is detected in time & treated properly. If it detected late then it can pave the way to acute problem. It is found that a diet rich in fiber reduces the chance of developing appendicitis. Eat well and do take care of yourself.