Monday, August 30, 2010

Expansion Of Mobile Technology

In this epoch of technology, mobile phones have been a singular of a most erotically appealing record which you have use of a most. Mobile phones have come a prolonged approach from only a middle of information exchange to a singular of a most appropriate mates. Today, it is really formidable to outlay even a singular day yet a mobile. If a phone breaks down, it have us utterly nervous.Nowadays, mobiles come bundled with a lot of features. It�s similar to most of a gadgets have been churned together as good as finished in to a singular absolute tool with a categorical facilities of all. Mobile serves as an iPod for listening to music, as a digital camera for receiving tall fortitude images, as a handy cam for creation videos, as a mechanism for browsing a Internet as good as personification games, etc. Though it's not as good as regulating a sold gadgets yet still a outlay is utterly satisfying. If a enrichment in mobile record continues during this pace, you competence comply brand new inventions in a margin of sold gadgets practical to mobiles as well. This equates to which a mobile will be as modernized as a sold gadgets it is finished up of.

We have already seen mobiles with 5 megapixel camera similar to a Nokia N95. The Sony Walkman array phones give as good outlay as an iPod. Also, a ultimate mobile phones can store thousands of songs in all a renowned formats, to illustrate removing closer to a iPod. The shade fortitude as good as a series of colors upheld is additionally augmenting steadily. Mobile manufacturers have been perplexing tough to revoke a distance of mobile phones as good as to have them as skinny as possible, yet a Nokia Nseries phones do not await this actuality as they have been utterly massive as good as heavy. Even though, there is still a lot of swell to be finished per a use of mobiles for browsing a Internet yet still it fulfills a role to a little extent. You can additionally watch TV upon your mobile yet this record is still developing. Some mobiles additionally await GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. This record helps in accessing your position, either you have been upon feet or in a vehicle. You can simply get to know where you have been located with a assistance of a map as good as you can additionally get to know a approach to a sold place with a assistance of directions which have been supposing to you.

So, you competence see a little mind-blowing advancements in a destiny mobiles!

India To Be Made The Global HealtCare Destination

Leading Indian Hospitals, Healthcare providers (both Modern Medicine as good as Traditional Indian Medicine), Travel as good as Medical Tourism Industry providers have come together to form an attention organisation � Indian Medical Travel Association (IMTA) that aims to work together to have India a heading tellurian healthcare destination.

The materialisation right away popularly good known as Medical Tourism is mostly cited as a subsequent vast event for India after a IT outsourcing to consequence billions of dollars in forex gain as good as emanate jobs in a healthcare sector. So distant usually a name organisation of Indian hospitals have been creation intrepid attempts to marketplace their services in general arena. More than a million abroad patients already treated with colour during tip Indian corporate hospitals similar to Apollo, Fortis, Wockhardt, Max, Manipal as good as most others have already valid to a universe that a clinical quality, record as good as price tender offering by India is unmatched. The genius in super featured item shred Indian hospitals is expanding quick as good as there is no watchful duration for internal or abroad patients.

CII Mc�Kinsey investigate initial reported upon recovering tourism as a billion dollar event for India approach behind in 2002 as good as a solid expansion in abroad studious arrivals has certified a potential. With a vast series of brand new in isolation super featured item hospitals as good as even integrated illness cities entrance up in India�s tip 10 cities, India has a intensity to turn a tellurian personality in a Medical Travel/ Outsourcing industry. Indian doctors as good as professionals have been universe eminent for their skills as good as a nation has contentment of all a inputs similar to gifted immature manpower, internal tall peculiarity production bottom for pharmaceuticals, record hardware as good as program that creates a Indian costs for tall finish surgical procedures so attractive. The plea unequivocally is upon a non recovering side, essentially upon a selling front as good as additionally to emanate infrastructure as good as services to await a expansion of recovering tourism.

Indian Medical Travel Association (IMTA) - a non distinction physique as good as a one voice of a Indian healthcare (modern disinfectant as good as normal Indian medicine) as good as transport attention is directed during scheming India for confronting a hurdles of tellurian foe as good as actualize a extensive event for India to turn a heading tellurian healthcare destination. Modern disinfectant as good as India�s 5000 year aged normal therapies similar to Ayurveda, Siddha as good as Yoga can suggest to a universe an unbeatable recovering package.

�IMTA would essay to assistance a members strech out in a price in effect demeanour to millions of a intensity tellurian consumers who reside upon a alternative side of a creation in a opposite time as good as informative section as good as have them wakeful of a extensive worth that Indian healthcare offers. The actuality is that before to selecting a hospital, a general patients initial confirm upon a nation or a destination. Therefore you all contingency stick on hands to aggressively foster INDIA as a elite tellurian healthcare destination,� Says Pradeep Thukral, Executive Director, Indian Medical Travel Association (IMTA)

The Government of India as good as a assorted arms have been actively ancillary a expansion of recovering tourism to India. In a summary to IMTA, a Union Tourism Minister, Kumar Shailaja conveyed �This is in truth a worthy beginning as good as you all know a extensive opportunity that Medical Tourism presents for India. On interest of a Ministry of Tourism, we would similar to to yield all probable await this attention initiative as good as would similar to to instruct IMTA as good as a members good success in their efforts.

Two years ago a Government of India introduced a special difficulty of Visa called M Visa for foreigners fervent of entrance to India for recovering treatment. India�s Ministry of Tourism has completed unusual success in final 5 years with a most acclaimed �Incredible India �campaign that has double a attainment of unfamiliar tourists to India. The stream year 2009 is being promoted by Indian Ministry of Tourism as �Visit India�� year as good as a method is penetrating to foster Medical Tourism. It has not long ago told a Market Development Assistance (MDA) Scheme to authorised Medical Tourism players that enables them to get monetary await for appearance in abroad promotional events.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Color Smudge

In 3 words - NOT A FAN.

This look grabbed the big screen when SJP's overgrown roots and teased chignon graced the big screen. As elegant as she looked, I couldn't stop staring at the natural color as compared to her ends. More and more, celebrities and day-to-day clients alike are asking for this color smudge technique that leaves lengthier roots with occasional color strapping, and

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

University of Ilorin - General Admission Requirements

Unilorin General Admissions Requirements
1. Admission by Entrance Examination � U.M.E
The Entrance Examination is conducted by JAMB. In addition to attaining required standard in Entrance Examination, candidates must satisfy the general University as well as specific Faculty requirements.
For the general requirement, candidates must obtain at least a credit pass in subjects at GCE O� Level or approved equivalent at not more than two sittings. (See tables for specific faculty requirements).
2. Admission by Direct Entry
Candidates must posses one of the following qualifications:
  1. Two passes at the Principal or Advanced Level with GCE O� Level approved equivalent credit passes in three other subjects at not more than two sittings.
  2. Three passes at the Principal or Advanced Level with GCE. O� Level approved equivalent credit passes in two other subjects at not more than two sittings; (Passes at the Principal or Advanced Level may be obtained at the G.C.E. A� Level, HSC. or IJMB).
  3. Passes in two recognised NCE subjects with G.C.E. O� Level credits equivalent in three other subjects. Education is accepted as a third Level subject for those taking courses in Education.
  4. Candidates who successfully pass the final examination of the following Institutions shall also be considered eligible for admission.
    1. The International Baccalaureate obtained from accredited Institution with relevant grading.
    2. National Diploma from Polytechnics or Colleges of Technology-only applicable to some faculties (See table on special Faculty requirements).
    3. The Defence Academy Certificate as moderated by the University of Ibadan.
    Other conditions to note:
    1. No subjects may be counted at both O� and A� Levels.
    2. General Paper at HSC or in any other examination will not be accepted as a substitute for English Language.
3. B.Ed. (Sandwich/Part-Time)
Students are expected to combine Education with any of the following subjects: Science, Mathematics, Language Arts (English or Yoruba Only) and Social Studies. The following subjects are accepted for Social Studies: Economics, Geography, Government, History, Political Science and Social Studies.
4. Admission into 2-Year Degree Programme
(See table on Special Faculty requirements under Faculty of Education).
5. A. Remedial Programme
An applicant must pass the SSCE/GCE O� Level in English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, with Credit level passes in at least three (3) of these subjects at not more than two (2) sittings.
  1. Faculty of Agriculture will accept credit pass in Agricultural Science in lieu of credit pass in Biology.
  2. Faculty of Engineering and Technology requires credit in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.
  3. Faculty of Health Sciences will admit only a few of the successful candidates of the Remedial Students of the Faculty of Science at the end of the programme.
B. Eligibility
The programme is open only to candidates from the catchment area of University of Ilorin.
6. Non-Degree Programme
  1. Associate Certificate in Education: (ACE)
    The course is open to Primary School Teachers who passed the Teachers� Grade I or II Certificate with not less than five years teaching experience after obtaining the Grade II Teachers Certificate.
  2. Certificate in Physical and Health Education: (PHE)
    Candidates must be holders of Grade II Teachers Certificate, WASC/SSCE/GCE O/Level with at least credit passes in three subjects. However, candidates with two credits, but in any case, not less than one credit with outstanding sporting achievements at the State or National level may be considered for admission.
  3. Diploma in Mathematics and Physics Education:
    Candidates must possess at least one of the following qualifications:
    1. WASC/SSCE/GCE O/Level with at least three credits, one of which must be in a Science subject obtained at not more than two sittings. Where the credits are not in Mathematics and/or Physics, a Pass grade P7 or P8 must be obtained in these two Science subjects.
    2. Teachers� Grade II Certificate with credits in a1 least three teaching subjects including Mathematics. Where the credits are not in Physics or Genera Science, Merit must be obtained in wither of these.
For (1) (2) (3) courses, candidates who satisfy the minimum entry requirements will be admitted on the basis of their performance in the entrance examination.
Entry Requirements:
The University conducts three and four year courses for students who gain admission into the Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Science and Education.
Undergraduate programmes in the Faculties of Agriculture and Engineering/Technology Law and in Health Sciences are of 5 and 6 years duration respectively. The first year of the programme is an integral part of the programme and students take 100 level courses during the year.
University Matriculation Examination (U.M.E.)
  1. Same as for General Entry Requirements.
  2. Subjects passed at SSCE/O� Level must be obtained at not more than two sittings. Same as for General Entry Requirements.
  1. The General Paper in GCE A� Level or its equivalent will NOT be accepted as a substitute for SSCE/O� Level Credit in English Language.
  2. A pass in a subject in the final examination of the NDA Certificate of Education as moderated by the Institute of Education of the University of Ibadan is regarded as an Advanced Level equivalent.
  3. A credit pass in English Language of the IJMB. at the �O�Level is acceptable as equivalent to SSCE/G.C.E. (O� Level) for admission purposes.
New Students:
To register for courses, new students are required to
  1. Proceed to the Admission Officer or his representatives in the appropriate venue for due clearance and obtain clearance Form.
  2. Proceed to your Faculty/Department and obtain clearance respectively;
  3. Obtain and fill the student�s Statistical Information Form and Registration Kit from the Records Officer (Academic Office) or his/her representatives at the venue.
  4. Consult Department; adviser for guidance and counseling ion the selection of courses before completing Course Registration Form with biro; and obtain his/her signature.
  5. Complete the fees form (MIS 04) by paying prescribed fees at the Bursary Department and enclose the evidence for payment (Photocopy) as part of the required registration materials to be submitted to the Faculty Officer;
  6. Return a copy of the duly completed MIS or Statistical Form MIS 01 to the representative of Academic Office at the venue;
  7. Submit all the completed Registration Forms to your Faculty Officer for his/her signature and that of your Dean or his representative.
  8. All new students are expected to undergo medical examination at the Health Services Unit. The prescribed medical examination form should be completed and returned to the Faculty officer.
Please note that your course registration is not valid until you are duly registered in the Health Services Unit.
Returning Students:
  1. Obtain Course Registration Forms from your Faculty Office.
  2. Consult with the appropriate Heads of Department for guidance in selecting courses.
  3. After the selection of courses complete the forms appropriately and obtain the signature of your Departmental Adviser.
  4. Finally, submit your registration form to your Faculty Office for his/her signature and that of your Dean or his representative.
  5. Ask your Faculty Officer for your copy of the registration form.
  1. All fresh Students are to pay all prescribed fees to the Bank, and obtain receipt from Bursary Department during the Orientation week. Only students who have dully paid their fees would be registered.
  2. Late Registration will incur penalty fees as determined from time to time by the University.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Live online roulette

Within the directory of the most thrilling and also superior casino games, roulette online game is among probably the most well-known ones. Live dealer roulette online game can be a combination of thrills and chance, two of the greatest thrilling parts of a casino online game, and the interactive live roulette version has both too. The risks are basically the same, so to win in roulette game is also a excellent challenge.

A gambler that has played real live roulette casino, or any other live online roulette type, will mention the fact that there's no guaranteed method to win the casino online game. The live roulette casino game depends on pure chance, or on the amount that you bet on your intuition. But, the idea that the live roulette casino game can be a well-known casino online game helps its fame. Any gambler that has enjoyed the roulette online game may tell you of the thrilling experience of seeing the wheel spin while retaining your breath of air until the ball lands can be extremely exciting as well as exciting to maintain actively playing the video game. Particular avid gamers are also taken in by the possibility to try their luck. Which, added to the chance to win large bonuses jackpots just about without difficulty, can make roulette casino a very popular game to play.

Thus, prior to you select to play a live online roulette casino game, be sure that you simply appreciate the principles and the regulations first. It may possibly seem basic to you, however. The thought of live online roulette casino is to make bets, and also check for where the ball lands. The space in which the ball falls shows the bet that you can set. Each kind of bet may possibly get you a various game payouts based on the result. So just before you enjoy the roulette casino and jump on the bandwagon, revise the rules first.

Aside from this, it's most beneficial to practice the game with out taking any risk. There are many roulette casino games available in typical kinds of internet casinos. These live dealer roulette games are exceptional for practice, specifically simply because they are ready to be enjoyed. But, in case you really wish to have an exceptional idea of just how a genuine live roulette casino game is, why don�t you try the same casino game play from the live dealer live roulette kind before you play. Lucky Live Casino has a free live dealer roulette game. Should you like the actual thing, you just want to play the live dealer live online roulette casino game with actual cash.

One more tip to be sure that your exceptional live dealer roulette experience is often wondrous is to be sure that you simply maintain within your finances. Have a set amount that you simply like to spend, and only spending that amount. After you have used your spending budget, just quit playing the casino online game and also walking away. In case you get any winnings. Maintain your game winnings and also be certain to go home with the online game winnings. Real roulette is often a extremely exciting online game. The adrenaline rush which you get from seeing the live roulette wheel casino spin your fate is compared to no other.

Kimmora Lee Simmons Says Deuces To Baby Phat...

Baby Phat Earrings

Kimmora Lee Simmons

Baby Phat Ring
That means Deuces to all of the cat logo jewelry folks. Kimmora Lee Simmons is parting ways with the company she helped to build and brand after a successful fourteen year run. Here's what she had to say about it:

�After 14 years of conceiving and nurturing Baby Phat, it�s time for me to move on and further expand my other businesses and create a new phenomenon. I adore all those who have faithfully been with me since the beginning.�

And in case you're curious, you should know that her and the ex husband Russell Simmons are still Buddy-Buddy. There was no drama and he ain't going nowhere----at least not business wise. He'll remain her partner in the next venture that Kimmy has up her sleeve.Well, you heard it here my Cityrockajewelry readers. There's probably about to be a two for one sale at your local Stop and Shop. Stock up on the feline fashion jewelry before the earring backs turn up missing.....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

There's Something About Faith | New Music Preview | The Fab Jewelry Of Faith Evans

I'm blogging again, and this one couldn't wait. I'm so excited that singer songstress Faith Evans is on the comeback to the R and B Music scene again, and she's pushing one of my favorite topics. FAITH. Check out her video trailer and how her stylist has her rocking everything CHAIN GANG STYLE. Shout out to Concrete Loop for the video.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rachel Zoe - Pave Case Bold Link Watch - Fashion Jewelry Product Review

Rachel Zoe 2010
Rachel Zoe Pave Case Bold Link Watch
At first I was going to post about some of the many women celebrities who have jumped onto the popular trend of wearing oversized mens watches, but I�ve decided to make it all about me (and when I say me, I mean you too) and do a product review because I�m also in love with wearing what�s been dubbed �the boyfriend watch� as well. I can�t seem to stop keeping mine out of heavy rotation even though I own well over a half dozen other watches. So what is a boyfriend watch you may ask? Well as I stated earlier, it�s an oversized men�s style watch. It�s supposed to convey a bold look and hang ever so slightly on the wrist. Think about that cozy feeling that you get from sleeping in one of your boyfriend�s tees. That�s exactly it, and it�s super sexy.


Anyways, I went on a hunt for an affordable one about three months ago, after leafing through a magazine and seeing a model rocking one in a Cartier ad. I decided to go with Rachel Zoe�s version, because I like her jewelry style. For those of you who don�t know, she�s a fashion stylist to the stars. So I kind of feel like she styled me because I own her watch. She generally wears lots of Chanel jewelryand mixes vintage with new pieces along with her wardrobe. So guess where I wound up ordering my watch from? QVC peoples. Yep, and I like it, I like it a lot. It arrived in four days, nicely boxed up with a five-year warranty included. There are three colors to choose from, gold tone, rose tone, and silver tone. I went with the silver because gold can sometimes be too gaudy and the copper would have been an even riskier move mainly because I didn�t know what to expect with the product. I wasn�t disappointed. The watch doesn�t look cheap at all, not like I only paid $52.00 (80.00 retail value) for it. It�s light-weight and the wristband has polished and matte links, which gives it a really high end feel. It was a little too big, so I had a couple of links removed, and now it sits nicely swayed on my wrist. I also like the watch face, which is exactly what I was looking for. It�s a pretty creamy mother of pearl, and the numbers on it are laid out simply and very easy to read if you need to do a quick time check. The one thing that I did have some concerns about was how the pave' bezel would look. Before it arrived, I just hoped it wouldn�t be too viva Las Vegas glitzy---and it wasn�t. It�s a nice amount of sparkle, and so far I�ve been getting lots of compliments on it. Most people think it�s a really expensive watch. I will say that I have been keeping what I wear with it modest though. Because of all of the bling, I�ve just been wearing studs and my simpler silver pieces. Out of one to five stars I�d definitely rate it a five. It�s a must have in regards to Fall 2010 Style Trends---a fashion jewelry piece that you can put with something more expensive and look fabulous in. oh and I�ve got the copper tone on my wish list radar. Copper jewelry is going to be �the business� come this fall. Just WATCH and see. Pun intended.

Taylor From the Rachel Zoe Show
Oh, and btw (by-the-way), looky-looky at who else was spotted wearing her boyfriend watch on an old episode. Remember Taylor? (Rachel's former assistant) from the Rachel Zoe reality show? I really liked her thorny style, but I think it's just catastrophic that she was (allegedly) caught stealing from her boss Rachel Zoe....On the upside, I do think that Taylor would look great in stripes had she been carted off to jail....What really has me bugging out is how much publicity swagger home-girl has been getting since being booted from the show. The former-fly-Zoe-chick seems to be getting more press than ever.XXVABJWMGCDB

Delicia Cordon - Never Pays Her Room Rent

Delicia Cordon was evicted from a friend's condo in Miami, Florida on February 20, 2008 at 9:30AM by the Miami Dade Sheriff and Police Department for failure to pay rent

Cordon was evicted after living in the unit for three (3) months without paying a single cent in rent! The monthly rent was $1,500 and the 2 bedroom condo belonged to a friend of mine who plays in the NFL.

Delicia Cordon got out of a really bad relationship with another player so my friend said she could rent out his place till she gets back on her feet. She gave a series of of bad checks that the bank could 'not locate the accounts'. Delicia also provided a number of checks with insufficient funds that could not be collected. Cordon also offered money transfers that never took place and faked Fedex mailings that never arrived. Cordon provided excuse after excuse and 'will pay you tomorrow' and 'feed the poor trip' stories to justify all the 'trouble' with her bad checks and her 'bad' situation while living the big life. She said that she was doing some new shoots and will have to money very soon.

In addition the credit report for Delicia Cordon came back with a social security alert. She has been EVICTED before and has a terrible Credit History.

Cordon presented herself as a famous 'actress/ model' and presents herself as a very naive and sweet individual always very apologetic.

The eviction came after 'Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant' was entered by Judge Darrin P. Gayles on January 27, 2007 in Miami, Florida for non payment of rent. Court Case # 08-1667 cc 34 (01). The judge gave Cordon the final opportunity to pay all the past due rent and she failed to pay the rent to the judge (three months total rent of $4,500). She was then served by the Sheriff and given 24 hour to leave the premises and when she failed to vacate the condo, she was evicted by the Sheriff few days later.

Shame that such a 'highly paid model and actress' can't afford to pay a single cent in rent for the premises she occupied for three months until she was evicted by the police and Sheriff.

Beware of her stories, her checks and a supposed 'actress/model' identity. Ensure you have a valid ID and social security number from her (police can confirm this) Make sure she can provide you with a valid ID before doing any business with her and most important...Do not take checks from her. Do not fall for her lies, scams, and her stories..she will rip you off!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ear Coning - My first experience

The flames went higher, higher, higher...............

I booked my appointment today for ear coning. I've heard about its benefits and how relaxing it can be but had never had it done for myself. I went into the treatment room and my technician asked me to lie down on one side.

The process would be simple: She would place huge tubes in my ears, set them on fire, and I would feel nothing.

A Hollywood Makeover

We're excited to share this video with you, and our wonderful day with our candidate Diane. We think she is very deserving of this makeover and everyone had a wonderful time. Diane we think you look amazing.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Finally. A Fashion Jewelry Gift That Your Manly-Man Won't Be Able To Resist...

Mens Fashion Jewelry

It's a car, it's a plane, no, it's a mens fashion gear ring designed by Glen Liberman, and it seems to have been solely created for even the manliest of men. It's all rough and tough looking, composed of a highly polished stainless steel. And get this; it features micro-precision gears that actually rotate in unison when the outer rims are spun! If that doesn't surge the testosterone levels in the room then gulp down a few beers, switch on ESPN and belch without saying excuse me. You can find the ring here:
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eyelash Extensions - Los Angeles Emmys

Get lashed this season. Lashes by Billy Lowe

Eyelash Extensions are still the craze in the world of beauty and with today's technology, they are getting better and better. Adhesives are being reformulated each and every year for cleaner, smoother and longer lasting applications. Great care is being taken in the world of eyelash education to be sure technicians are properly

Hair Frizz - A Hollywood no-no!

Fight frizz with a few simple tips!
"Dear Billy. My friend's daughter battles frizz each and every day! She's tried everything under the sun and can't seem to tame the frizz. She has fine hair, and lots of frizz. What should she do? Sincerely, Untamed."

Dear Untamed.
Fine hair with frizz is definitely no fun. Fine hair is weightless - which means it

Look for Billy Lowe on AOL stylelist this season!
Look for Billy Lowe this season on AOL stylelist.

If you're looking for hot feedback on hair and beauty this season, tune into AOL stylelist featuring Billy Lowe. From great cut and style tips to Hollywood mishaps, you'll find lots of great sound bites and quick tips for looking your best.

Don't miss fall trend and Emmy follow-ups this

Friday, August 13, 2010

Benefits of Hairspray - Red Carpet Beauty Advice

I think hairspray is "Nectar of the gods!"
I use it for everything including shape, hold, volume, smoothing, and even absorbing excess oil from hair as the day wears on. Here are a couple of quick tips and how to's for using hairspray.

1. To add volume: Lift a section of hair in which you're looking to add volume. Spray the BACK of that section of hair with a light mist of hairspray and

Hair that's hot! The classic pompadour

With 2010 Emmys right around the corner, the sky is the limit in the world of hair, fashion and beauty this season.

2009 Emmys gave us a lot of neck and shoulder framing, and little or no volume on top. Sleek sophisticated looks graced the red carpet but this year, I think we'll see something a little different! We're already starting to see a lot of off-the-face looks and throw backs to a


We've got high hopes for Teairra, she's got a good singing voice and she looks great!!!

To see the UNCENSORED pics, click here - free celebrity pictures

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aging Skin: Healthy Skin for 50+

Is it really about looking "10 Years Younger?"
While it's sometimes nice to take a few years off, it's not everyone's priority In fact, many people have expressed to me through the years they have no real desire to look younger, or to go under the knife, but they do want to feel great about themselves as they are now. With that, they normally pose three questions.
How do I keep my skin

Color Correction - Ring around the forehead!

There's nothing worse than having your hair colored being left with RING AROUND THE FOREHEAD!
A seasoned salon professional will know to always apply a little color barrier around the hair line. I recommend shea butter, a stain block professional treatment, or a thicker conditioner if all else fails (or if your stylist has run out of the aforementioned).

At the shampoo area, ask your stylist

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teen Wolf - Atlanta 2010

August 2010 - Teen Wolf begins taping in Atlanta.
If you think this resurrection will be anything like Teen Wolf from years gone by, think again. Today's Vampire and Werewolf stories have a darker undertone and a little less "Letterman's jacket" camp of Jackson's Thriller. Directed by none other than Russell Mulcahy, who directed Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf, you can forget slam dunks

Take a chance - on a great cut and style

I love the new cover of LA Confidential featuring Chace Crawford.

From the famous photos of James Dean and his white T's and polished to current stars of today, there's nothing better than a classic cut and style on the male audience and I say leave the length.

With guys it isn't about perfecting the look anymore. It used to be about every strand of hair falling perfectly in place and a clean

The best smile!

I was recently asked what my favorite part of makeover shows is. Great question.
I think back to the many shows I've worked on or been a part of, either in front of or behind the camera. I've seen hundreds of transformations inside and out, and worked with countless makeover contestants through the years to lead them through their very own walk on the red carpet. From eye lifts to laser

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dress for Success

"Suit up and Show up!"
We've heard those words for many years but is there any truth to looking your best in the workplace? I believe there is. It seems that with each passing year, we become (or find ways to become) more and more comfortable at work, leaving polish and charm shoved in our closets back at home. Flip-flops and jeans are no stranger to today's workplace, and untimely hair and

Naomi Campbell Reveals Her Hairline---And That's About It.

It's all about the blood-diamonds in regards to the dashing-phone thrashing diva these days, and she's been doing nothing but deny, deny, deny ever having accepted any diamonds at all while on trial. And darn it, I believe her with every fiber in my being. What's wrong with you people? Don't you know that everyone is is innocent until proven guilty under the court of law? If Naomi says that she welcomed "dirty-looking pebbles" from one of her fans then that's what it is. And furthermore, it doesn't matter if she has a hairline or not. She could just shave it all off today and home-girl would still be fiercely bald. Now I'm not one to gossip (Okay,so perhaps I am. This is a Gossip Blog, for goodness sakes), but the the streets are saying that Naomi's long-time once loyal agent is about to testify and tell a different kind of story about what she overheard....Something to the tune of Mr. Taylor (the gift-giver) stating that he was going to send her diamonds during the party they all attended... I know that you're thinking it, but nobody say false testimony. I'll keep you posted my readers, I'll keep you posted. You might want to sign up to my RSS Feed on the quick-fast.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrity Beauty Tip: Healthy Hair

A 2 or 3 oz spray bottle allows many beauty remedies
All you need is a 2 oz bottle!
This summer, many people are enjoying fun in the sun either hiking, camping, swimming, or taking road trips. But amidst the comings and goings, it's not easy to remember everything it takes to defend hair, skin and body against solar damage. Moreover, light packing isn't always easily accomplished unless we

For All The Music Lovers

Music is part of our daily life whether you admit it or not, weaving its loveliness and passion through our feelings and memories. Many of us in the culture think that music is just a language and so we hardly understand it. When I first started studying the music, I did not realize what I was getting into. I had thought that music was somewhat of a trivial pursuit. I did not realize how completely fascinating music is. 

I even began to research forms of music that had not interested me before in the hopes of enhancing my knowledge of musicals. Music is not so simple as we see the history of it. Whether you are talking about rock, classical or even jazz music, or any other type, they are all are complicated.

Therefore, if you have never visited this musicals site then you don't know what you are missing out on. The radio will never sound the same to you again. Everything will seem much richer, much more luminous, and much more important, because at Theater Guide you will get to see all the latest shows and events as its also known as  one of the London�s best West End musicals.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's Make a Deal - Hollywood Makeover Give Away

Billy Lowe's Makeover Give Away on Let's Make a Deal
Billy Lowe to give away a Hollywood makeover on Let's Make a Deal this season!
Costumed contestants compete for cash and prizes as host Wayne Brady leads this classic game show. This Hollywood makeover give away will feature a cut, color & style with Billy Lowe, make-up application with key artist Manning Lee, and in-studio lunch with

Beauty Secret - Oil Blotting Papers

I recently visited New York City on a fast-track trip for press and media interviews. On one of our radio shows, I was asked a question about oil blotting papers and the best way to use them, and whether or not they are actually beneficial.

Oil blotting papers help absorb excess oil or congestion from the skin caused as the day goes on. Those of us that live in larger cities (Los Angeles,

Beautiful Skin - Just a Splash Away

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Series
Something old (your skin before?)
Something new (your skin after?)
Something borrowed (purchased maybe?)


Yes, the father of skincare has done it again. Erno Laszlo skincare announces its new Firmarine series and a couple of treatments that are sure to leave your skin looking and feeling silky smooth. The Firmarine series launches

Celebrity Hair Tip - Using a round brush

Olivia Garden Brushes work wonders for styling!
The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl.

Round brushes are great for blow drying hair but not everyone understands that there's a method to using them, and in determining the end result. A larger barrel brush will give you a loose (straighter) look, while a smaller round brush will give you more body, curl and volume. I say this not to

Bono back after surgery, U2 predicts record tour

U2 frontman Bono burst back onto rock�s centre stage yesterday after a two-month absence for a back injury, as the Irish band resumed what its manager predicts will be the most lucrative concert tour in history.

U2 shook a packed Olympic stadium in the northern Italian city of Turin as Bono (picture) strutted, pranced, jogged and danced with little sign of being a 50-year-old rock star just 10 weeks off spinal surgery.

�I don�t really know how to hold back, is the problem. You have to let the songs sing you at a certain point,� Bono told Reuters just before relaunching the second leg of U2�s 360 Degree Tour, so called because fans surround a giant circular platform.

U2 and Bono, who said he had done rehabilitation work for three to four hours a day, kicked off a rousing set with �Beautiful Day� and �Magnificent.� They also played two new tracks called �North Star Acoustic� and �Glastonbury.�

Bono thanked the cheering crowd for letters and emails he had received wishing him a speedy recovery.

�This band is like a family. It�s a family business, U2. I am the prodigal son. I would like to thank my brothers for their patience,� the leather-clad Bono told the crowd, referring to his bandmates.

The singer underwent emergency back surgery in May after injuring himself. His subsequent rehabilitation forced the band to delay the North American leg of the tour until 2011.

U2 began the tour in Barcelona in June 2009.

The band�s manager Paul McGuinness said Bono had trained hard to get back to performing and the band had done some recording during his recovery.

�That�s a process that goes on all the time,� McGuinness told Reuters. �The doctors are very confident. They certified him fit to perform. It�s really a very short time for a spinal injury.�

U2�s tour is widely expected to be a strong point in a weak concert season hit by low sales.

�This tour by the end of this year will be the biggest grossing music tour by anyone of all time,� McGuinness predicted. �And we will still have another 30 shows next year, 20-30 shows next year.�

He added that the group would probably gross somewhere between US$650-700 million (RM2billion-RM2.17 billion) by the time the tour ended in 2011.

That would top the record US$558 million generated by the Rolling Stones� 2005-2007 Bigger Bang tour, according to music industry publication Billboard Boxscore.

McGuinness said that rescheduling the North American tour had brought �enormous� complications.

�It was extraordinarily difficult to reschedule these events, because it�s an outdoor show. But very few numbers of people have asked for refunds, and most of the shows were sold out.�

He said the band had lost around US$15 million as a result of the disruptions, half of which was covered by insurance.

Unheard Michael Jackson songs out in November

An album of previously unheard tracks by Michael Jackson is due out in November, reported Rolling Stone on August 2.

Tracks will be chosen from among the numerous hard drives Jackson left of completed songs and recording collaborations.

Ten as-yet-unreleased tracks will reportedly make up the new album.

According to Jackson�s former manager Frank DiLeo, the vaults contain more than 100 songs, including collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo, any of which may potentially be included on the first album.

The forthcoming album will be the first in a ten-album, seven-year deal inked by the Jackson Estate and Sony BMG following Jackson�s death. That deal will also see the release of classic album re-issues and greatest hits collections.

Susan Boyle, McCartney music get spots on �Glee�

Singer Susan Boyle and the music of Paul McCartney are to be featured in the new season of TV musical comedy �Glee� � joining a growing list of performers eager to be associated with the hit show.

�Glee� creator Ryan Murphy told reporters on Monday that Boyle -- who found unexpected fame on the show �Britain�s Got Talent� last year � would feature in a Christmas-themed episode. She is expected to play a high school lunch lady. Boyle is reportedly recording a Christmas album.

Murphy also said that former Beatle McCartney had written suggesting his music be included on the show, which features a bunch of misfits in a high school choir.

�I received some fantastic mixed tapes from Paul McCartney a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was being punked!,� Murphy said.

�It came out of blue in a package, handwritten, and it had two CDs and it said �Hi Ryan, I hope you will consider some of these songs for �Glee� ... I had heard that he is a fan of the show. I was gob-smacked ... so of course we are going to do something with him,� Murphy said, without elaborating.

�Glee� has been nominated for 19 Emmys in its first season on television. The Fox show has been sold widely overseas and has spawned more than three hit albums of cover versions of pop, Broadway jazz and rap songs.

One of the episodes in the new season will be filled with the music of Britney Spears, following the success last season of Madonna and Lady Gaga-themed episodes.

Murphy said the cast and crew were studying Spears� music videos, her public appearances and album covers to familiarize themselves with her iconic looks.

There will be just one other episode next season dedicated to a single artist � a tribute in February to what Murphy called �a musical artist that we are in negotiation for.� He did not elaborate but the artist is widely thought to be the late Michael Jackson.

Murphy said that season 2 would see more focus on characters, particularly those of minor players such as ditzy cheerleader Brittany, Asian student Tina and the father of gay teen Kurt.

�We are scaling back a little bit (on music) and concentrating on the stories and doing just five or six songs per episode,� he said.

The new season of �Glee� starts on the Fox network on September 21.

Charlie Sheen pleads guilty to assault

Actor Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty yesterday to assaulting his wife last Christmas and was sentenced to 30 days in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation in California.

Under a plea deal reached with prosecutors in Aspen, Sheen also agreed to three months probation in which he cannot consume any drugs, other than prescription medication, and cannot drink an excessive amount of alcohol. He also was ordered to attend 36 hours of anger management classes.

Pitkin County District Judge James C. Boyd sentenced Sheen to a 30-day jail term, but suspended it provided Sheen successfully completes his probation and the drug and alcohol rehab program in California.

Sheen, 44, was quiet through much of the court proceeding. When asked how he pleaded, Sheen said �guilty as charged, your honour.�

In a statement issued following the court proceeding, Sheen said he was �very grateful� to the court.

�I look forward to complying with the court�s decision, getting on with my life and putting this behind me,� he said.

The star of the CBS network�s sitcom �Two And a Half Men� is to serve his 30-day stint in rehab time at a Promises treatment centre in California, one of which is located in the seaside enclave of Malibu. The deal allows Sheen to continue his work on �Two and Half Men.�

Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day after Brooke Mueller, his third wife, told police he had pulled a knife on her and threatened to have her killed.

The actor was charged with felony menacing, misdemeanour third degree assault and misdemeanour criminal mischief.

In exchange for his guilty plea on the misdemeanour third degree assault, prosecutors dropped the charges of menacing and of criminal mischief.

Sheen had faced up to three years behind bars if he had been convicted on all charges.

The actor�s legal troubles have had little effect on his popularity. Audiences for �Two and a Half Men� have remained high and this year Sheen negotiated a deal with CBS that took his pay to a reported US$1.8 million (RM5.7 million) per episode.

Sandra Bullock earns top paycheque in Hollywood

Bullock displays her Oscar at the 82nd Academy Awards in Hollywood March 7, 2010. � Reuters pic

Nobody would argue that 2010 has been an up-and-down year for Sandra Bullock, given her best actress Oscar for �The Blind Side� followed by her divorce from scandal-plagued husband Jesse James.

But yesterday, Bullock landed atop Hollywood�s heap again when financial website named her the highest paid actress of the past 12 months having earned US$56 million (RM179 million) from two box office hits, romantic comedy �The Proposal� and football film, �The Blind Side.�

Bullock not only received a fee for acting, but also participated in the profits, and for both films, the box office numbers were hefty, according to �The Blind Side� took in nearly US$310 million at global box offices on a budget of around US$30 million, while �Proposal� racked up just under US$320 million and cost roughly US$40 million.

Tied for the No. 2 spot were Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz, both making US$32 million. Though Witherspoon has not been on screen since 2008, she received advance pay cheques for upcoming films, �How Do You Know� and �Water for Elephants�.

Diaz�s pot of gold was filled with money from the �Knight and Day� and �Shrek� films, which have grossed US$2.8 billion at the global box office.

Jennifer Aniston came in at fourth place with US$27 million, and �Sex and the City� star Sarah Jessica Parker was No. 5 at US$25 million.

To determine actresses� compensation, talked to talent agents, managers, producers and lawyers and looked at other means of revenue such as perfume and clothing lines and ad campaigns. based its figures on earnings from June 2009 to June 2010. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were the highest paid actresses during a similar period one year earlier.

See the full list of Hollywood�s Highest Paid Actresses. The full list can be found at

Lady Gaga wins record 13 MTV nominations

Lady Gaga performs at Madison Square Garden in New York July 7, 2010. � Reuters pic

Lady Gaga won a leading 13 nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday, setting a new record for the most nominations ever in a single VMA season, MTV said.

Rapper Eminem was the most nominated male artist with eight nods after the success of his latest album �Recovery�, while Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber scored his first nomination in the best new artist category for the music video of hit single �Baby�. Newcomer Ke$ha joined veterans Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Usher and indie band Florence and the Machine among the other nominees.

Lady Gaga has two entries in the coveted video of the year category � �Bad Romance� and �Telephone� featuring Beyonce � where her competition includes Eminem for �Not Afraid� and rapper B.o.B for �Airplanes�.

The glam pop singer also won nods in the best pop, best dance and best female music video categories.

�I�m so honoured for all the little monsters and self-professed freaks of the universe, to have more VMA nominations in a single year than any artist in MTV history. Ironically, I�m even more proud it�s an unlucky number; 13,� Lady Gaga said in a statement.

�A long time ago the world told me and my little monsters we would never be heard, together we changed the rules. God put me on Earth for 3 reasons: To make loud music, gay videos, and cause a damn raucous. Thank You MTV!,� she added.

The awards will be presented in a live telecast from Los Angeles on September 12.

Eminem noted sarcastically that the award show fell in the middle of his US tour. �Apparently MTV doesn�t care that I have two massive stadium shows on the other side of the country the day after the VMAs,� he said. �I mean, I�ll be there but don�t expect me to be nice about it.�

Viewers can vote for the general categories on website starting yesterday, and voting by text message for the best new artist will continue throughout show time on September 12

Date set for Twilight�s �Breaking Dawn Part 2�

he final film in The Twilight Saga will draw the romantic vampire franchise to a close on November 16, 2012, it was announced yesterday. It comes a full year after �The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One� is released in November 2011.

Director Bill Condon will shoot footage for both films at the same time, starting this November. The burning question seems to be whether the final installment from the last book in the series by Stephenie Meyers, will be in 3D.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the studio has not decided yet though the director is not leaning toward 3D. Many Twilight fans have voiced opposition to three dimensions.

Both films will steer clear of busy summer schedules and next year�s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows finale in July 2011.

Meanwhile the three principal stars are busy filming. Robert Pattinson is working on �Water for Elephants� with Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon set for release April 2011.

Kristen Stewart is shooting another independent film, �On The Road�, based on Jack Kerouac�s seminal book and co-starring with Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) and Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man 3).

Taylor Lautner, the third star of the series, will be seen in �Abduction�, a thriller directed by John Singleton (2 Fast 2 Furious) with Alfred Molina and Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), and signed on to play action figure Stretch Armstrong after Twilight.

Lady Gaga to Green Day, Lollapalooza boasts motley cast

Lady Gaga performs on NBC's �Today� show in New York, July 9, 2010.

More than 250,000 music fans will gather on the shores of Lake Michigan this weekend for an expanded three-day Lollapalooza music festival, which hopes to buck a dismal summer concert season of cuts and cancellations.

The iconic music carnival, born as a travelling road show nearly 20 years ago and reborn in 2005 as a multi-day destination festival, boasts a bill this year of nearly 200 musical acts ranging from glam diva Lady Gaga to reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and punk band Green Day.

Lollapalooza�s daily capacity has been expanded to 90,000 people per day, up from last year�s sold-out festival which saw 75,000 fans pass through the gates on each of the show�s three days.

Ticket sales for the biggest concert tours in North America fell 17 per cent during the first six months of 2010 from the year-ago period, with artists like the Jonas Brothers and the �American Idol� Top 10 cutting dates.

But Lollapalooza organizers said ticket sales were �tracking with� last year�s festival, suggesting that crowds may yet reach capacity in the expanded 2010 edition.

Festival founder and Jane�s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell, last year called Lollapalooza �recession-proof,� and has often touted the three-day admission starting price of US$190 (RM608) as a dollar a band.

Flanked by Chicago�s picturesque skyline, Lady Gaga will headline the first night of the festival tomorrow with a show whose production costs are reported to be running into six-figures.

New York garage rock quintet The Strokes will play opposite the pop queen on the festival�s north stage following openers The Black Keys and Jimmy Cliff.

Day two acts feature English indie rockers The xx, the Gypsy punk stylings of Gogol Bordello as well as headliners Green Day and French alternative rockers Phoenix.

Sunday�s diverse palate includes Japanese glam rock superstars X Japan, hip hop veterans Cypress Hill, and electro-rock act MGMT.

Reunited grunge rockers Soundgarden will close the festival on Sunday opposite Canadian alternative troubadours Arcade Fire.

The festival�s boundaries have also been expanded from about 90 acres last year to 115 this year, including a far-larger locale for the popular DJ arena, where Farrell will grace the stage on Saturday.

Kanye West �paints� his way back onto MTV

Kanye West (left) interrupts the acceptance speech from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMA in New York, September 13, 2009.

Kanye West is �painting� a new picture on MTV today, debuting a video he hopes will offer fans a better image of himself than the one he made at the network�s award show last year when he interrupted Taylor Swift�s acceptance speech.

�It�s not a�s a painting,� the rapper said of his new video, called �Power�, airing tonight.

At MTV�s Video Music Awards in September 2009, West unexpectedly took to the stage of the live televised broadcast when country singer Swift won best female pop video. West grabbed the microphone from Swift�s hands and declared that R&B singer Beyonce should have won instead.

MTV never officially banned Kanye West from their studios after last fall�s VMA Awards, and the network continued to play his old videos. But since then, he has not debuted any new work on MTV, and there has been much speculation on music websites about whether the network would take him back.

MTV�s head of music and talent, Amy Doyle, told Reuters �there�s no beef� with the rapper and that they have moved on.

�We�ve always been supporters of his art and his music, and we�re excited to partner with him, whether it�s his new painting or new album,� said Doyle.

Doyle said the new 90-second video does resemble �more of a living painting� and not a traditional video.

�It�s up for interpretation, like any piece of artwork. It is provocative and will keep people talking,� Doyle said.

And igniting fan buzz is one thing West does best.

After last year�s dust-up at the VMA�s, fans and fellow musicians were outraged. Singer Kelly Clarkson called West �a sad human being,� while �American Idol� runner-up Adam Lambert wrote on his Twitter page, �Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain�t that deep, man.�

West later appeared on a TV talk show to apologise, saying he would took some time off to �analyse how I�m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I�m going to improve.�

Also today, MTV is premiering the new music video for Eminem and Rihanna�s single �Love The Way You Lie,� which airs two hours before Kanye�s.

The two debuts follow a series of similar premiere videos on MTV earlier this year, from Justin Bieber�s �Never Let Go� and Mike Posner�s �Cooler Than Me� to Muse�s �Resistance� and Maroon 5�s �Misery�.

�I think this means that artists still want MTV to be the first place to introduce their music video, and it�s the loudest way to get the video out to fans,� said Doyle.

Katy Perry�s �Teenage Dream� is also on the debut line-up and set to air on Tuesday, August 10.

Prosecutors claim doctors over-medicated Anna Nicole

Smith died in Florida from an accidental prescription drug overdose in February 2007.

Two Los Angeles doctors used multiple fake names to funnel �powerful addictive medications� to Anna Nicole Smith, prosecutors said yesterday at the opening of a trial into the Playboy model�s sudden death three years after it occurred.

Prosecutors also alleged that Smith�s lawyer and one-time boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, helped keep the buxom blonde actress over-medicated, calling various doctors to obtain painkillers and other drugs, and sometimes administering them.

Smith, a fashion model and TV actress famous for marrying an 89-year-old oil billionaire, died in Florida from an accidental prescription drug overdose in February 2007 at the age of 39.

The two doctors and Stern are not charged with causing Smith�s death, but are charged with unlawfully prescribing and giving controlled substances to an addict for three years.

Stern, and doctors Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor, have all pleaded not guilty. They could face more than five years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutor Renee Rose told a jury at Los Angeles Superior Court that Stern and Kapoor put Smith back on the same level of medication even after she had emerged from a 2006 detox plan while pregnant with her daughter Danielynn.

But lawyers for Stern said Smith was not an addict but had dealt with chronic pain since 2000, and that she used other names to keep her medical issues private from the media.

�He (Stern) cared for her, he cherished her, he loved her,� said Stern�s defence lawyer Steven Sadow. �He relied in good faith on the medical judgment of doctors.�

Eroshevich, a psychiatrist who at one time lived next door to Smith, flew to the Bahamas on several occasions to deliver muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety, sleep aids and anti-depressants, prosecutor Rose said.

But a lawyer for Eroshevich said she was �not a pill-mill� and that the prescriptions she wrote were not illegal.

Kapoor�s attorney said there was a legitimate medical purpose for the drugs Kapoor prescribed.

Stern, Kapoor and Eroshevich were charged after a criminal investigation ordered by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, who has vowed to crack down on prescription drug abuse in the state.

Brown has ordered probes into the drug-related deaths of more than 200 people in recent years. His officials also helped with the investigation of Michael Jackson�s death last year which led to involuntary manslaughter charges against the singer�s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray.

The trial of Anna Nicole Smith�s two doctors and Stern is expected to last several weeks

Piracy forces Taylor Swift to rush out new single

Country-pop starlet Taylor Swift�s record label was forced to release the first single from her upcoming album 12 days ahead of schedule yesterday, hours after a bootleg version appeared online.

Big Machine Records said in a statement that the MP3 file of �Mine� was �low-quality,� and it wanted fans to hear the single in its proper form via iTunes and country radio. It was not immediately known who was responsible for the leak.

Swift�s third album, �Speak Now,� remains on course for a worldwide release on October 25. It marks the follow-up to her album of the year Grammy winner �Fearless,� which has sold 5.95 million copies in the United States and currently sits at No. 45 on the pop album chart in its 90th week

�Aftershock� closes in on all-time record

Director Feng Xiaogang�s earthquake epic Aftershock is closing in on China�s all-time box office record � but rather than rejoicing, the production house behind the film is starting to sweat.

Such has been the unprecedented interest in the fortunes of the film � following the director�s boast last year that it would become the first-ever Chinese production to surpass 500 million yuan (RM233 million) � that producers and co-distributors the Huayi Brothers are remaining tight-lipped about just how and where the money is coming from.

Aftershock � which follows the fortunes of a group of survivors of China�s 1976 Tangshan earthquake � opened on around 4,000 screens around China on July 22 and has now collected more than 400 million yuan overall.

That figure includes receipts from China�s IMAX theaters which � for the very first time � opened a film at same time as regular cinemas.

IMAX screens picked up 4.3 million yuan on the film�s opening weekend � from its overall 160 million yuan. But Huayi Brothers have this week refused to be drawn on the make-up of the film�s now-400 million yuan, telling the film industry website Film Business Asia it had become a �very sensitive subject.��

There has been some controversy over Chinese box office figures in recent years � for both local and foreign releases � with some studios being accused of inflating numbers to grab more headlines. The raw data, meanwhile, is usually released by the Chinese government.

The previous highest-grossing Chinese film was last year�s The Founding of a Republic � made to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of China�s People�s Republic � which took in an estimated 410 million yuan. Avatar sees the all-time record for any film released in China by earlier this year raking in around 1.3 billion yuan.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood box office smash Inception � which has now collected an estimated US$370 million (RM1.16 billion) worldwide has had its mainland China release date brought forward by almost a month � to September 2 � to avoid running into local productions which will be released for the country�s �Golden Week�� of holidays which begin with the October 1 National Day.

The period is traditionally a peak time for films in China as families gather for a week of feasts and celebrations.

Wyclef Jean files Haiti presidential candidacy

Wyclef had retained his Haitian passport despite having migrated to the US. � Reuters pic

Haitian hip-hop star Wyclef Jean registered as a presidential contender yesterday, in a move into politics that generated an outburst of popular enthusiasm in his poor, earthquake-ravaged homeland.

�I would like to tell (US) President Barack Obama that the United States has Obama and Haiti has Wyclef Jean,� the three-time Grammy award-winner, who is 40, told cheering supporters in a downtown area of Port-au-Prince.

�This is the only president who will dance when Creole hip-hop is being played,� Jean said in a speech after formally declaring his candidacy for the November 28 presidential election.

He filed papers at the electoral council to run as a candidate for the Viv Ansanm (Live Together) political party, as excited young supporters clad in white T-shirts packed the surrounding streets, which still bore the scars of a devastating January 12 earthquake.

The registration was required ahead of tomorrow�s filing deadline and authorities now have until August 17 to approve or reject his candidacy for the November 28 ballot.

�If his candidacy is approved, I think he�s going to be the next president,� said Saurel Magloire, who was among those gathered outside the electoral council.

Since former populist President Jean-Bertrand Aristide ran for the country�s top job in 1990, Magloire said he had never seen such a big outpouring of public support.

Jean, standing and waving to onlookers from the open sun-roof of his sport utility vehicle, drew repeated chants of �Long Live Wyclef� and �President Jean� as his impromptu motorcade later wound its way through the densely packed streets of the capital.

It was an extraordinary homecoming for Jean, who had flown into Haiti with his wife and young daughter and other relatives on a private jet from their home in the United States.

Singer-songwriter Jean has never held elective office but is widely admired in Haiti and credited with never having forgotten his Haitian roots.

The former Fugees star, best known for his work with Colombian pop star Shakira and their 2006 mega-hit �Hips Don�t Lie,� was born in Haiti but grew up in New York.

He has long been active in raising money for his homeland through his Yele Haiti Foundation and has led appeals for international aid since the January 12 earthquake that killed as many as 300,000 people.

The disaster has left some 1.5 million homeless survivors still under tarpaulins and in makeshift tent cities.

More than half the population of Haiti, which is the poorest country in the Americas, is under 21. Because of that, but also because he is seen as a figure of hope and inspiration for a country with a turbulent history, many analysts predict Jean could easily win the presidential election.

Haiti�s outgoing government of President Rene Preval, who cannot seek re-election, has been widely criticised for failing to aid victims of the quake and for being slow to launch a credible start to the huge task of rebuilding the country.

Preval�s election in 2006 brought a measure of stability to a country torn by decades of dictatorship, military rule, political upheaval and gang violence.

But Haitians, who mostly earn less than US$2 (RM6.40) a day and live in utter poverty, complain they are worse off than ever since the quake, which has been described by some experts as one of the most destructive natural disasters in modern history.

Though talk about Jean�s candidacy has already generated widespread enthusiasm in Haiti, he faces many challenges in what he has described as his attempted transition �from rock star to statesman.�

One potential obstacle, according to Eduardo Gamarra, a political science professor at Florida International University, is Jean�s lack of management skills in a country with weak institutions that is in dire need of rebuilding.

�Whoever is president, he�s going to have to be an excellent manager,� Gamarra said. �The fact is, the only thing he�s managed is his band.�

Not only are his political skills untested, but, as a member of Haiti�s exile community, he could also be vulnerable to charges he is out of touch with the daily life of Haitians.

Panamanian-born salsa star Ruben Blades faced similar problems in his failed bid to win Panama�s presidency in 1994.

Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based think tank Inter-American Dialogue, said the fact Jean has spent most of his life outside of Haiti might even be a strength.

He could use his exile status �to convince Haitians that he has strong international contacts and knows how to solve difficult problems at home,� Shifter said.

�In Haiti, anything is possible,� Shifter said. �The race to succeed Preval is wide open. Jean has name recognition and money, and no one doubts his devotion to Haiti.�

2010 Best Dressed celebrity version of Vanity Fair

World's top fashion magazine, Vanity Fair, selecting a number of celebrities who is judged to have good fashion taste and enviable. Starting from the eccentric singer Lady Gaga to a beautiful French lady, Carla Bruni.
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his sister, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, also judged to have a good sense of fashion. Both were never caught the camera as one costume.
Lady Gaga the singer was always unique in every event he'd attended as well as in front of the camera. Look at her skirt like a bird cage.
First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, has a sense of elegant dress. Although the wife of French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni rarely wear clothes that are too formal.
Beautiful dresses actress Diane Kruger, who use it as beautiful.
Actress Carey Mulligan looks feminine evening dresses all in black. During the time he was known happy-looking tomboy.
Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, famous love with a dress that shows her shoulders.
Actor Javier Bardem with a masculine black coat. Penelope Cruz's husband is looking stout.
The best dress was not merely a matter of a suit, tuxedo or dress. See only rapper Pharrel Williams confident with fashion casualnya
Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, the two lovebirds to match.
The most flamboyant football player on earth, David Beckham.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Feast

Chelsea Clinton, the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, took off his bachelor days in a beautiful wedding on Saturday (07/31) and then at Astor Courts Estate, Rhineback, New York. Before getting married, Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky've been together for five years.
Chelsea Clinton, the only daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, took off his bachelor days in a beautiful wedding on Saturday (07/31) and then at Astor Courts Estate, Rhineback, New York. Before getting married, Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky've been together for five years.
Chelsea and Marc (who worked as an investment expert) got engaged on Thanksgiving Day in 2009.
Weddings are held at the Astor Estate Courts was only attended by family and close friends the bride and groom. Even President Barack Obama was not invited.
Approximately 500 guests attended the wedding, which cost three million U.S. dollars this.
Here are wedding pictures Chelsea Clinton.