Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Hey all, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! The reason for my absence is that I've spent my holiday with my family and hardly managed to find a computer. As soon as I'll be back, on the 3rd of January, I will update the blog as fast as possible! I won't even try and catch up with the vast number of gossips and news from the world of celebrities in the holiday season as it seems impossible.

See You all in the next year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas - Merry Everything!

Having taken a few days off for the holidays, it's been nice to relax, catch up,and prepare for 2007. Tonight I saw Edward Scissorhands - downtown Los Angeles. Quite a production, and highly recommended. Though not much news is happening on the forefront, I wish you all a happy holiday season, and a great and prosperous 2007.

No PR for Britney

Britney Spears is once again looking for a new representative.

|The popstar split from popular celeb rep Leslie Sloane Zelnick in October, and has since been represented by a publicist at Jive Records. However, the PR pro has decided to leave Jive to start her own marketing and promotions company, leaving Spears hanging. The rep insists her decision has nothing to do with her former client's recent antics. "I left of my own accord," said the publicist. "This has been in the works for several months."|

Oh Oh Oh! What is she going to do without a rep? No one to comment on the movements she'll do in the new year. I wonder if this has anything to do with the latest scandal about Britney walking around naked.. or did he truly leave on "his own" accord?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Uma Thurman's Broken Her Wrist

Looks like Uma Thurman won't be 2 handing anything this Christmas after breaking her wrist on the set of her movie 'The Accidental Husband' in Connecticut.

"She was jumping to reach something and fell on her hand," says a source.

"She went to bed, and by the next day it had swollen, so she went to the hospital and needed surgery."

This also means a good thing for her family - that she'll spend more time with her children, Maya and Roan who are 8 and 7

Nicole Richie ate a hamburger!

Here's something to enlighten your Saturday afternoon. The Sun is reporting that Nicole Richie has eaten a burger. Ham? Cheese? Not sure what sort but it's a burger point for the skinny Nicole! She was spotted at the Johnny Rockets in Los Angeles.

Go Go Nic! You might be lucky and put some pounds on this Christmas :D!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lindsay Blown in the Wind

Lindsay almost exposed her crotch earlier this morning when the wind almost blew up her skirt on the set of her new film 'I know who killed me'. - TMZ source

Evangeline Lilly's House Burnt Down

The home rented by Lost actress Evangeline Lilly in Hawaii, completely burnt down yesterday, Lilly's rep confirms.

He says:

"Yes, it is unfortunately true that her home in Hawaii burned down this morning. Thankfully, Evangeline is safe as she was on set already when it occurred. There is no official statement, and I have no further comment or information to provide at this time."

He also mentions:
"There is no official statement, and I have no further comment or information to provide at this time."

It was also confirmed that none of the house residents were at home at the time of the fire. Some neigbhours managed to raise the alarm.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nicole Richie Driving Around.. BEWARE!

Nicole Richie was spotted driving yesterday, only a week after her DUI arrest. - TMZ reports.

|Nicole was spotted driving through L.A., resuming her shopathons at Fred Segal on Melrose. She was later joined at the swanky hang for a lunch with rumored boyfriend Joel Madden. The two chowed down on the down low before leaving in separate cars.|

Well, there we go.. if you live in Los Angeles, I would be extra cautios on the streets with her driving around if I were you.. just a word of warning.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Miss USA Keeps Her Crown

Miss USA, Tara Conner, had come under some criticism under rumours that she had been frequenting bars while underage. We just found out today that she will be allowed to keep her title and her crown, Donald Trump announced.

EW YORK (AP) -- Miss USA Tara Conner, who had come under criticism amid rumors she had been frequenting bars while underage, will be allowed to keep her title, Donald Trump announced Tuesday.

"I've always been a believer in second chances," - Trump said.

Trump said he and Conner had met earlier Tuesday morning.

"She left a small town in Kentucky and she was telling me that she got caught up in the whirlwind of New York,"

"It's a story that has happened many times before to many women and many men who came to the Big Apple. They wanted their slice of the Big Apple and they found out it wasn't so easy." - Trump says in the interview.

She will also be undergoing therapy. Well, again proving us that you can do anything when you're famous. Someone there will forgive you and give you a second chance.


Entrepreneur Magazine

I woke up Sunday morning, December 17th to enjoy a day off from a Saturday full of color color color. On my way to my favorite cafe in West Hollywood, I stopped by the newsstands, and there it was. January 2007 ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, and yours truly is on page 86. It was the hi-light of my day. I couldn't think of enough people to call.I had responded to a press lead several months ago, from a

Monday, December 18, 2006

Paris Hilton Doesn't like Sex

Paris Hilton claimed, according to MSNBC that she's been celibate lately. In other words, hasn't had sex for months.

|When asked by a reporter how long it�s been since she�s had sex, Hilton said, �About six or seven months, I think. I don�t care,� reports the London Mirror. �I would rather just make out and kiss someone instead of sex.�|

Right.. Hilton insits that she's been quite modest and civilized in this area, saying that:

�I�ve only been in, like, two relationships and I just thought I�d like to be single,�
"Sex is sacred. People shouldn�t have sex unless they�re in an exclusive relationship anyway. I�d rather not do anything. Guys want you more when you don�t do it! Young girls should know that.�

Hmm, I can't deny that. But it appears that she's just trying to look good for publicity now. Having seen that she started dating Stavros, her declarations may have been done for two reasons. Either just for publicity, or so Stavros' parents see that Paris has actually got some common sense. I'd go for the first one though.

Jacko's too Expensive, even for Japanese!

Michael Jackson celebrity photoMichael Jackson was going to plan an epic Christmas party in Tokyo, but it looks like the chance of it happening is now next to zero. The opportunity to touch him, is too expensive, even for the Japanese. Some tickets cost up to $3,300, for the opportunity to touch, meet, greet and be photographed with Michael Jackson. There were cheaper tickets, $1,600 which bought merely the meet and greet. Even cheaper tickets costing about $425 were added, but as these prices didn't even include dancing and musical performances, people were displeased.

Whaaatttt? $3,300 just to greet him? He's only made of plastic, not of gold.. is he? Anyway, it looks like he'll have to find other people to rip off, the japanese are too clever it seems.
I include the 'Bad' video clip as it's my favorite :D - now that we started talking about Michael Jackson.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Britney Spear's Moved Out!

It appears that she finally moved from Malibu to Beverly Hills and purchased this $7.2 million house, mediterranean style. Six bedrooms, six bathrooms and 7,400 square feet. She should have more than enough room to start all over, without K-Fed, without Paris and take care of her children.

Thanks to Splash for the picture!

Natasha Lyonne Turned Herself In

You might remember her as the 'sexy' chick from American Pie 2. A warrant for her arrest was issued in January, after she missed 4 court hearings on charges such as "criminal mischief, harassment and trespassing." she turned herself in yesterday. Here comes the biggie.. after these accusations, she threatened to sexually molest her neighbour's dog and ripped a mirror of his wall during an argument, back in 2004. Hmm.. some mental disorders maybe?

Okay so you threaten a dog with sexual assault, then what do you do? Turn yourself in or change your identity? If you turn yourself in, at the end of the day you'll still be known as:

Bob: Natasha who?
Tom: Natash Lyone, never heard of her? She's the one who threatened a dog with sexual assault
Bob: OMG, yes! I remember her! What a complete dumbass.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friendship's Over: Paris-Britney

The friendship between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton has come to a dead end. Now it seems it's over, not long after it started.

"Britney has been told by her people that if she ever wants a comeback, she has to stay far away from Paris and start acting like an adult."

This appears to be the reason why the two are not 'allowed' to be seen partying anymore. Well, better this way. Maybe Britney will re-gain/gain the respect of more people now.

Kevin Federline To Reveal Secrets about Britney

News are that Kevin Federline is going to write a book in which he'll reveal juicy secrets about Britney Spears. The book could include shocking details about wild drinking, wild partying and alleged druge use. Let's not forget about her sexual attraction towards other women.

However, K-Fed may retain himself from writing his book if he gets what he wants in the divorce settlement from his famous wife.

�Kevin is either hoping a publisher will pay him big money for the book,� a source told the tab, �or that Britney will cough up more cash than what�s in their prenup [an estimated $360,000 in spousal support plus $7 million from the sale of their Malibu, Calif., home] to keep him from spilling the beans.�

Federline wants sole custody of their two children as well as a settlement of at least $20 million, reports Star, and is alleging that he can �prove that Britney is an unfit mother� by revealing her partying ways both while she was pregnant and when their babies were born.

As part of his evidence against Spears, Federline is reportedly prepared to use a video he shot � which has appeared on YouTube � in which Spears babbles incoherently.

�Kevin says he filmed it just a week before Brit filed for divorce,� a source told the Star. �He told me, �I want the world to see that Britney is an unfit parent and that she�s not in her right mind.�� - MSNBC reports

Okay I would actually love to see him write this 'book'. First, he'll need to learnt how to use the spell checker in Microsoft Word, if he can afford the software. Otherwise it will be like.. "I iz clver" - no but seriously, he would never be able to write a book.. not at his IQ.

Peter Boyle Dead at the Age of 71

The actor, Peter Boyle, mainly known for his role in 'Everybody Loves Raymond' passed away last night at the New York Presbyterian Hospital.
He was scheduled to play in the following movies to come out in 2007/2008:
He had been suffering from multiple myeloma and heart disease.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Paris Gets Kinky with Nicky

These pictures from News of the World show Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky Hilton doing some.. kinky stuff. I've no idea why they would allow someone to take them but it doesn't look right when you do it with your sister..
Here they are (click to enlarge):

More Gray Hair for Michael Douglas

Until now, Michael Douglas had been dyeing his hair to hide his old age. Now, probably after getting bored of the chemicals and realising they may cause him hair loss, etc. he announced that he stopped.

According to UPI:

|In an apparent move to accept his increasing age, veteran Hollywood actor, Michael Douglas has ceased dyeing his increasing amount of gray hair.

The paper said that as part of the birthday celebration, the elder Douglas had issued a statement aimed at proclaiming his advanced age and urging today's youth to make a difference.

"My name is Kirk Douglas. You may know me. If you don't -- Google me," the statement declared. "I was a movie star and I'm Michael Douglas' dad, Catherine Zeta Jones' father-in-law, and the grandparents of their two children. Today I celebrate my 90th birthday."|

Uhh.. not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. I always liked his movies, Traffic, etc. so now I wonder what he'll look like in the upcoming films:
Let's wait and see..

Uma Thurman Makes a Stunning Bride

Unfortunately, not for real this time. It was all scripted for the movie she's shooting at the moment, Accidental Husband. The set it located in Connecticute.

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Splash:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paris Hilton Sides with Britney... Again

Paris Hilton celebrity gossip picture

Paris Hilton has released an announcement this morning, defending Britney Spears from allegations about her children being neglected. On her MySpace sitem she wrote

"Lately, you�ve been seeing pics of me and Britney partying (blah blah) [sic] and she knows that some of her fans are very upset about what they call her �behavior� and sadly they�re blaming the issue on her being friends with me"

"For people to call out her parenting skills on behalf of her partying ethics is appalling. Britney loves her kids to death, and I know for a fact that it truly hurts her when she sees these cruel things being written about her. She goes home every night to her babies and partying has not come in the way of her parenting."

What does Paris know about parenting? Her and Britney partying late, getting drunk and showing off intimate parts to the world must surely be benefical for her kids...

Her myspace thingie:

Over and out..

Monday, December 11, 2006

Nicole Richie Arrested for DUI

Nicole Richie News picture
DUI = Driving Under the Influence of drugs/alcohol

Reports coming from TMZ that Nicole Richie was arrested early today morning, around 4:50 for DUI. She was later released at 7:15 for a $15,000 bail. The police reports that she weighs an astonishing 85 lbs, althought she claims that she's put on some weight.

|We're told two motorists spotted her SUV going the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in Burbank. The drivers called 911. When the CHP responded, Richie was stopped in the carpool lane and was alone in the vehicle. When cops approached the vehicle, Richie was on her cellphone.|

She also had drugs problems before, in 2003 for example, when she pled guilty to heroin charges. These were later dismissed after she completed the terms of her probation.

Look at her, how skinny she is, I'm amazed actually.
Add drugs and alcohol to that, and what do you get?
I'll let you guess ...

Kate Moss Showing Off in Jamaica

Some more celebrity "incidents" - after Britney, follows Kate:

Nudist beach? I couldn't find that out but obviously showing intimate parts of the body to the world seems to be in fashion nowadays! I wonder who'll be next!

Thanks to Flynet for the images!

Paris and Britney - Just Friends ??

After rumours errupting about Paris and Britney being more than just friends, towards the lovers side of friendship, Paris Hilton sent out a message to her fans, that she and Britney are not lovers, just close friends.

Paris' rep said: �That is just silly,� he said, adding, �They are friends and you will continue to see them together. Paris thinks the world of her.�

|The partying heiress and her underwearless new best friend have come under increased speculation lately as they romp around hot spots together. The buzz grew louder when Spears' hubby of 55 hours suggested that the "Oops I Did It Again" songstress likes women, saying, �She found other girls attractive, yes, but we never did anything about it.�

In a recent photograph, Hilton looked very much like she was stroking Spears' upper thigh. And another report showed Hilton kissing another woman and suggested that Hilton and Spears are more than just good friends.| - MSNBC

With all the news about them in the press, who knows? They hang around naked, well mostly Britney, they sleep over at each other's houses.. You know what can happen in these sort of situations...

Diana's Driver Was Drunk

A new report, that is to be released this Thursday says that the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was killed was drunk on the night of the accident. The crash killed Diana, Dodi fayed and the driver, says the BBC.
The report also claims, that the U.S. Secret Service was bugging Diana's phone the night of the accident, in which she died, but that the recorded conversations provided no new details about Diana's death - reports TMZ.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Elliott Gets a Dental Makeover

A $50,000 dental makeover and 20 ish painful hours in the dentist's chair awaited Elliott Yamin, ex-'snaggletooth'. But now, he's happy. Look at him smiling in the picture!

American Idol underdog Elliott Yamin can't seem to wipe the smile off his face, PEOPLE reports.

"He loves to laugh, he loves to smile," says girlfriend Jaime Paetz, 28, a model who met Yamin, also 28, after he appeared on the FOX talent hunt this season. "I liked his old teeth, but if (the veneers) make him happy, then I'm happy."

Now we can expect better music, and better performace as apparently these changes aren't just physical. He can smile more, showing off his teeth now and has nothing to be ashamed of. Go Go Go, Yamin!


Saturday, December 9, 2006

Stavros + Paris - Second Round

The two were spotted this week in NYC and are flying off on a weekend getaway to Miami, without any previous preparations.

According to TMZ,

"The two are back on the road to coupledom, and according to our source, they're very happy and quite possibly -- in love!"

Is love better second time around? It probably is but I reckon this second time around it's more about the money and less about the sentiments they have for each other. The Hiltons are rich but still, they can't compare their millions to the millions Stavros has which are multiplied many times. Paris picked her target nicely, once again. If this works out, she'll be set for life.

I must give Stavros a well deserved pimp of the year award just because he is running hoes like it ain't nothing man. Lindsay HoeHan, Paris, etc. The dude is an untamed beast. What will be next? A 3 way with Paris and Britney? The irony is that he has more money than both of them put together so, ha!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Beyonce Really 32 Years Old? And Hannah Montana Really 14 ?

According to recent reports, the R&B Celebrity Singer Beyonce is 32-years old! She was previously thought to be only 25, supposedly after the way she looks but some medical record may be proving her wrong. Her success is in contrast with the famous singer and actress Hannah Montana!

"A fax from the Texas Department of Health shows that Beyonce�s official birth records to According to the papers Beyonce Giselle Knowles, daughter of Mathew Knowles and Celestine Ann Beyonce was born on September 4th, 1974, if that is true Beyonce is actually 32 years old. Beyonce�s official biography claims that she was born on September 4th, 1981."

It's all about the looks in this world of celebrity singers. But seriously now, what did Beyonce think? That the truth will never come to life? And when it does.. beware!!
On the other hand, the Disney Hannah Montana is only 14 and she has almost reached the same level of success as Beyonce! Hannah Montana is also know as Miley Cyrus from the popular TV show! She has already released lots of albums and you can listen to Hannah Montana music and videos here!

Who knows where Hannah Montana will be at 32 ??!


Sienna Miller - Twenty8Twelve New Clothing Line

Sienna Miller and her sister savannah are to launch their own clothing line. Savannah already has a degreen in fashion product design, she says. Their new clothing line will be called Twenty8Twelve, named after Alfie actress' birthday - in Fall 2007.

"There's such a lack of individuality now - what we're trying to say is, do it for yourself! I wear something, it's in Heat magazine, then everywhere the next week! I'm like, wait - I bought that in a market in Paris!" "We web-chat every day." - the sisters say.


Right, another clothing line to hit the streets, but will it be sucessful? I tried to look up some images of the style of clothes that she wears.. hmm seems alright, better than Britney Spears at least. Well, good luck to them!

Wesley Snipes Arrested!

The "White Men Can't Jump" star has been taken into custody by federal authorities after arriving at Orlando International Aiport on Friday. The actor says he was a scapegoat for a federal tax fraud investigation and that he was unfairly targeted by the prosecutors.

The arrest happens 2 months after the arrest warrant on his name was issued. He was returning from Namibia where he was shooting a new movie.

"Officials allege that Snipes fraudulently claimed refunds in 1996 and 1997, and then failed to file returns between 1999 and 2006. "


Anyone remember the Blade series? He used to be my favorite actor back then, I just hadn't seen him in any movies since the 2004 Blade: Trinity
Oh yeah, he stars in the "Inside Man", I've yet to see that! - can't believe I missed it in the cinema.
Hopefully he'll get out of this as I don't see him as the type of man who would do this.. but then again, it is all about MONEY in some people's lives.