Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekly Musical News In Review

What? You didn't see or hear the news this week? Fuggitabout it!

Just catch up with the gang from Auto Tune news... Don't blink!

The Catch That Wasn't

Have you ever watched a sports event where something great happens and it doesn't count? Instant replay can't be in full force in baseball fast enough. It's sad when these things are lost in sports history because of rules or blown calls.

Yet we should remember, they did in fact happen! Check out this amazing play by Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder and infielder.

The right fielder almost catches the ball, it falls to what appears to be the ground but his foot kicks it before it reaches the ground. Then... well you just have to watch and see...

Ronaldo scores first goal for Real Madrid

Ronaldo scores first goal for Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo scored for the first time for Real Madrid in a 4-2 win over Liga de Quito in the Peace Cup on Tuesday.

Cristiano played his third game for the Real Madrid colours since his �80m move from Manchester United, Ronaldo scored a 48th minute penalty after being tripped in the penalty area by defender Norberto Araujo.

Cristiano also helped produce his team's second goal in the 53rd.

Peace Cup Real Madrid vs Liga de Quito in Spain

Vin Diesel acts like a diva on movie press tour

fast furious at nrj 190309

Vin Diesel was on the cusp of becoming a mega star when his career suddenly tanked. He walked away from the �Fast and the Furious� franchise that made him famous, then did the same for the �XXX� movies. After a few disastrous films, including a turn in a Disney movie, Diesel returned to his roots with a new �Fast and Furious� sequel - but don�t expect a big star like Vin to actually show up on time to his press interviews or anything.

Vin Diesel is such a prima donna, his own publicity company can�t even deal with him anymore.

Diesel was scheduled to do a long press junket for his upcoming flick Fast & Furious on Sunday, but he infuriated the event organizers when he decided to show up late and act like a diva.

�No one could get a hold of him,� an insider told Page Six. �He didn�t pick up his phone and it wasn�t until a Universal executive called that he finally picked up and used the lame excuse, �I�m sick.� �

Four hours later he showed up to the press junket and �didn�t look sick. But he did do a couple hours of press.�

Apparently his publicist at 42 West was so annoyed by the incident, the firm no longer represents him.

You would think someone like Diesel, whose star is quickly burning out, would be more open to doing press and getting better recognition, but it sounds like his ego has become bigger than his triceps.

Seinfeld Cast Reunion

It's been 11 years since the Seinfeld cast has graced our television sets, but they're back! Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards will appear as themselves on this upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Fans will get to enjoy the old cast for 5 episodes of Curb including the show's finale. Seinfeld worked alongside creator Larry David on the script, but it appears this is as close as we'll all get to an actual Seinfeld reunion.

Eminem Takes Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Down

The battle between Eminem , Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon continues. It first started where Eminem gave Mariah a shout out in "Bagpipes From Baghdad," Nick Cannon then responded with a blog saying Eminem was insulting “one of the worlds most influential artists,” and that "homeboy is still obsessed with my wife." Mariah also retaliated by having a person dressed in her video “Obsessed” that looked similar to Eminem.

It looks like there was nothing else for Eminem to do but to get back at the married couple. Before he starts rapping, Em tells Carey, "Only reason I dissed you in the first place is because you denied seeing me. Now I'm pissed off."

He doesn't stop there. "You wanna hear something wick wack?/ I got the same exact [tattoo] that's on Nick's back," the Detroit MC says a few seconds into his rap.
"Oh gee, is that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee?/ Wow Mariah, didn't expect ya to go b---s out./ B---h, shut the f--- up before I put all those phone calls out/ You made to my house/ When you was wilding out/ Before Nick, when you was on my di--."

From there, he goes onto graphically describe what he says was his one sexual encounter with Carey and calls her a "liar" and many other fowl names, and threatens to reveal personal pictures and phone messages he has of the singer. Eminem then plays part that sounds like the diva Carey’s voice at the end of song: The unidentified woman refers to herself as "Mary Poppins."

Through out of the publicized dissing of the each other all three of them have denied any hard feelings. Cannon says the lyrics of songs can often be misinterperted and that they had no beef with the rapper. He also denied the resemblance of the man in Mariah’s video was intended to look like Eminem.

Do you believe it? How could all those words be misiterupted? Maybe they could have been in the beginning…maybe. But Eminems recent rap doesn’t look like anyone could take it but in one way! I wonder if this battle will last long or if they’ll just hold their tongues for now.

Carrie Prejean Sueing the Miss California Organization

It seems that Carrie Prejean isn't going quitely. Prejean was fired from being Miss California earlier this summer by Donald Trump. According to sources, Carrie is filling a lawsuit against the Miss California organization and also against the California pageant organizers Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler. Donald Trump is not mentioned in the suit.

Prejean filed claims alleging public disclosure of private facts, libel, slander, religious discrimination, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Prejean's complaint alleges "conspiracy" and "wrongful conduct" agaist her by Moakler and Lewis. Even Perez Hilton is mentioned in the suit. Lawyer for the pageant organizatio and Prejean's lawyers are in the process right now of trying to settle this out of court. Seems like Prejean wasn't content with her 15 minutes of fame and wanted 15 more.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Creepy Miley Cyrus Fan Arrested

A 53-year-old man got a little too close to the set of Miley Cyrus' new movie and started making bizarre comments to younger fans nearby. Apparently, the man said he once made eye contact with Miley and the two subsequently "fell in love." The man also claimed that "nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one." He wouldn't cooperate with police when they tried to move him out of the area, and told them that Miley herself had asked him to be there and that she had put secret messages directed at him on "Hannah Montana." He was arrested, but released on bond the next day.

Jackson Children Custody Battle Over

The negotiations that have been occurring for weeks between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have finally come to an end. The two have come to an out-of-court agreement that grants Katherine permanent, sole custody of Prince Michael I, Paris-Michael Katherine, and Prince Michael II a.k.a Blanket.

According to ABC News, Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Prince Michael I and Paris will have visitation rights and retain her legal parental rights. She will not receive any additional money. NBC News stated, "Sources say, it was Debbie Rowe who decided the kids are better off staying with Katherine and the Jackson family. Both sides will submit this deal to a judge on Monday morning for approval."

Lily Allen and Liam Gallagher Get a Little More Than Tipsy

Liam Gallagher and Lily Allen don’t need a hopping party to have a good time. Their 11hr flight to Japan was more than enough.

The Oasis front man, who had been drinking champagne in the Upper Class lounge at London’s Heathrow airport before their Virgin Atlantic flight last Wednesday. The 2 singers spent most of their time on board drinking together. Their entourage even had to warn the crew members ahead of time because they knew there was no stopping them after they already started, “keep those two apart”.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “They did not care about the other passengers. They were in a world of their own. They were already well-oiled by the time they came on board. There is obviously a different set of rules for celebrities.”

It’s no surprise that the airline crew had to tell the drinking duo to calm down after they relentlessly continued to swear.

After the flight, the pop star pair continued their fun as they reached Japan where Oasis and Lily were performing at the Fuji Rocks festival.

Liam stated on his Twitter page that the trip had been a good one, “Just landed in Tokyo. That flight flew by.”

Lily definitely must have agreed because on her Twitter she exclaimed, “At Lost in Transation hotel in tokyo. Had an extraordinary amount of fun the past few days, and now ive got 2 weeks off. EPIC (sic).”

Liam, 36, has a history of drunken behavior on planes.In 1998, he was banned from Cathay Pacific airlines for life after passengers on a Hong Kong to Perth flight complained about his drunken and offensive behavior. Apparently he would smoke, swear, and throw objects at the staff.Liam, who had been threatened by the captain that he would be arrested upon landing, later said that didn’t do anything and that we only wanted “a scone”.

Pattinson Weirded Out By His Fans

A word of advice ladies, when you attempt to get Twilight star, Robert Pattinson to fall in love with you, don't use fresh bloody wounds to do it.

Pattinson has already had enough of his fair share of crazed fans, especially the ones that led him to being hit by a NYC taxi. Let's just say obsessed fans might not be Robert's favorite. Pattinson stated, "People ambush me and try and find out what hotel I’m staying at, as well as wanting to touch my hair,” he said. “Everyone just screams and screams. It still feels surreal. One time, there were these four girls, in Chicago I think, and they had all scratched their necks until they bled. And then when they came up to me they had these bleeding scabs. It was gross!"

Pattinson's craziest fan of them all... "A mother recently gave me her baby and asked me: 'Can you please bite her head?" according to the actor. Fans do realize that he's not really a vampire, right?

Christina Ricci - 2009 Giffoni Festival in Milan

Christina Ricci - 2009 Giffoni Festival in Milan, Italy

Possibly The Worst Movie Ever Made!

While you may or may not have heard of The Room, which is 2003 independent film written and directed by its' star Tommy Wiseau it is certainly generating some buzz and quickly earning its' way into cult film history. In fact it is now being labeled by many as quite possibly "the BEST, WORST movie ever"!

The film set out to a drama about a love triangle between a woman, her fiancee, and his best friend, however it is riddled with continuity errors, horrendous acting, and bad camera work. The director claims the film was meant to be a comedy and was intentionally bad, however other cast members have said otherwise. I don't think anyone will ever truly know for sure, all they know is that this film is terribly awesome! It started out with a few screenings around the L.A area, and has grown to selling out midnight showings at theaters around the country, at times there are lines that stretch all the way around a city block.  

Let us know if you have seen the film and please share your thoughts! 

I have to find a theater playing this ASAP, so I can see what all the buzz is about...haha!

Check out the news bit below:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where are they now? Jake Lloyd the Young Darth Vader

What do you do when you are Comicon and bump into an ex-child star that just so happened to be Anakin Skywalker? You interview him! Find out what’s become of Jake Lloyd since he filmed Phantom Menace 10 years ago. Now age 20, he seems to have a much better attitude than his fictitious counterpart Anakin Skywalker. In fact despite his professed hard work ethic, he seems to believe life is random and better off that way. That’s a long way from Darth Vader.

Paris Hilton Has A Brain

Remember when Paris Hilton’s sex tape leaked out for the world to see in 2003? The poor blonde socialite was devastated when the X-rated footage was exposed and has trying to prevent it to happen to other young girls. "I want young girls to never put themselves in that situation I was in. Don't ever let someone talk you into doing something you don't want to do. I was humiliated, embarrassed and in shock that it happened. It wasn't my fault, it was something that someone did to me, so I've just learned to be a strong woman and nothing can hurt me at this point. It was definitely very painful. When you trust someone and love someone for them to do that to you, it's really hard. It's something that bothers me everyday." This all will be discussed in her new documentary Paris, Not France as well as the misconceptions about herself and show the business behind the media.

"I think there are a lot of people that have misconceptions about me. They assume I'm just a party girl and they don't realize there's a business behind it. I've created this over the past 10 years. I think when people haven't met me they might think that I'm spoiled, that I'm a brat, that I haven't worked for what I have. I've worked very hard for what I've achieved. None of this was given to me. I've done it all by myself." Who knew there was more than partying and having fun behind the blonde rich Hilton.

Nirvana Gets Rick-Rolled

Die-hard Nirvana fans might want to cover their eyes and ears for this one. In the age of the mash-up, it was really only a matter of time until they began the desecration of music idols - but I bet no one expected to ever see the words "Nirvana" and "Rick Astley" in the same sentence, let alone singing side by side. Surprisingly enough, it kind of works - in a weird, twisted way.

Hogan Divorce Finalized and Sealed With A Kiss

After months of feuding wrestling star Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) and ex-wife Linda Bollea finally reached a settlement in their bitter divorce. Yesterday in a Clearwater, Florida court their 25-year marriage officially ended. Hulk kissed his ex-wife on the cheek as the finalization took place.

After everything was finalized Linda admitted that she would always love Hulk and remain in contact with him. The ex-couple has two children together, Nick, 19, and Brooke, 21.

“The war is over. I still love him. He's the father of my children," Linda said. “My husband took the big step of stopping this escalating war by making the decision to put this behind us. I am grateful to him for realizing that our family can be happier and stronger by working together. He and I both love our family dearly and look forward to working together to make it stronger than it has ever been. My family means the world to me."

A statement from Hulk echoed the same sentiments. It said, "Hulk is looking forward to moving on with his life and is very hopeful that he and Linda can maintain a friendship and work together as parents to their two children."

Terms of the divorce were not made public, but it is believed that Hulk will remain in the Florida family home, while Linda is planning to move to Los Angeles.

In 2007 Linda filed for divorce because of Hulk’s alleged affairs.

Since the she and the 55-year-old former WWE star became caught up in months of public arguments, with Hulk even saying he understood how people could be driven to murder their spouses.

Referring to O.J. Simpson - who was accused, and eventually acquitted, of murdering his wife Nicole Brown and her alleged lover Ronald Goldman in a jealous rage in 1994 - he said: “I totally understand O.J. I get it. I could have turned everything into a crime scene, like him, cutting everybody's throat."

Hulk gained fame in the 1980's as the World Wrestling Federation champion and with appearances in a string of films, including ‘Rocky III’ in which he fought the title character.

His most famous match against Andre the Giant – real name Andre Rene Roussimoff – at Wrestlemania III in 1987 drew a crowd of around 93,000 and several million TV viewers.

Johnny Depp Plans to Send His Children to School in Britain

Public Enemies star, Johnny Depp has reportedly purchased a mansion in Bath and is now visiting private schools in the area. He is looking for a place to send his two children, Lily Rose, 10, and Jack, seven whom he had with French singer Vanessa Paradis.

The 46-year-old actor will most likely pick one in the next few weeks so his kids can be enrolled in time for the start of the new academic year in September.

A spokesman at one of the schools Johnny visited said, "As yet, he hasn't enrolled his children and I believe he is looking at other schools.If he is thinking of us for September, he'd better be quick as the school is filling up fast for the new term, particularly with overseas students. We've seen a real jump in students from overseas."

Johnny has really been striving to secure a more normal life for his family.

When asked what he would do if he wasn't famous for a day, he said, "I would walk through Disneyland with my kids. That's what I'd do for the day. I would go on every ride and I would walk through Disneyland with my kids and let them experience all the things most kids do. They don't get to do those things with daddy. When daddy walks through Disneyland with them, things get weird."

Bryce Dallas Howard is the New Victoria in the Twilight Series

The Twilight franchise is shaking things up. Terminator: Salvation and Spiderman 3 star Bryce Dallas Howard will be taking over the role of Victoria in the upcoming third installment of the Twilight series, Eclipse. She is replacing the original Victoria, Rachelle Lefevre, who played the role in both Twilight and New Moon. The press release about the switch stated that Lefevre had no choice but to give up the role due to "scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actor has made." The women both look quite similar so the switch doesn't seem to be that noticable, but how will die-hard fans feel?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mischa Barton Released from Hospital and Headed to Work

Actress Mischa Barton has been released from the hospital where she was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold. She will be returning to work on the set of her new CW show The Beautiful Life which will begin filming on Friday. Her hospitalization had no effect on the production of the show.

"She was released early last week and has been improving since with the intention of resuming production with the rest of the cast," her rep told MTV News.

Barton was reportedly dealing with a lot of personal issues around the time of her hospitalization, but has been making improvements.

Show creator and producer, Ashton Kutcher recently commented on Mischa's condition saying, "I can tell you right now Mischa Barton is doing great."

Amy Winehouse Dating Mischa Barton's Ex

Notorious hot mess Amy Winehouse may be in the middle of a divorce with soon-to-be-ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, but apparently, that hasn't stopped her from embarking on a new romance with James Regan - a millionaire's son who used to date Mischa Barton. According to reports, they've been exchanging romantic text messages, and she even cooked him dinner in her North London home. This guy has interesting taste in women.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush End Relationship

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and her New Orleans Saints running back boyfriend, Reggie Bush have called it quits. The couple recently went on a charity trip to Africa and talked about heading towards marriage, but due to spending time apart during the NFL season their relationship suffered.

"They never get to see each other, ever," a source says. "It's been a long time coming. They still love each other and are part of their lives, but Reggie spends six months out of the year in New Orleans, so it's tough."

The couple has been dating since 2007 and often make red carpet appearances together.

"They were the cutest couple," another source said. "They loved each other so much but they hardly saw each other. He starts his football training camp this week and she starts filming Keeping up with the Kardashians this week. They just need a break right now."

The Titanic 3D

Comic Con was an extremely eventful night indeed and not just for the Twilighters! James Cameron, the director of 1997 block buster Titanic, revealed that he was planning to turn the legendary romantic movie into 3D. “We can't call it dimensionalisation, we have to call it conversion. That's the same thing, we're going to turn it into high quality 3D. It takes about a year to 18 months to do it depending on the complexity. We've been told somewhere around a year, maybe 14 months. We've tested it, seen a couple of minutes converted. It looks spectacular. But it really requires the filmmaker to be involved to make sure that the Stereo Space decisions are made correctly,” says the award winning director.

Can you imagine watching the movie in 3D, seeing one of the biggest boats of it’s time coming right at you? The iceberg and the sinking ship! It could be enough to make you seasick.

Titanic was one of the biggest awarding winning movies of it’s time. How successful do you think it will be in 3D?

Are You Hott Enough to Work at American Apparel?

Apparently American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is making a new fashion statement in his stores...ugly people can't work in retail. Charney is reportedly firing employees whom he believes tarnish the "AA aesthetic."

According to the stores' employees, worldwide conference calls are held each week so that the managers can rant about their store's profit, displays, and etc. Although lately, Carney has started a crusade "and made stores that weren't doing so well send in group photos," for the purpose for him to judge who is hott enough to stay and who must go. It appears that most managers are following his request in fear of losing their own positions. I don't know about you but I think 'til further notice I'll be spending my money at another store.

Vick Back in the NFL

Michael Vick former QB star of the Atlanta Falcons has been reinstated to the NFL at the age of 29. What you say? Wasn't he supposed to be a suspended free agent? You may recall the NFL's commissioner Goodell held Vick's conviction of cruelty to animals over his head. Goodell arbitrarily refused to reinstate Vick 'indefinitely' as the NFL had no official position on Vick's right to play.

Commissioner Goodell's position was, "He’s going to have to demonstrate to the larger community, not just to the NFL community and me, that he has remorse for what he did and he recognizes the mistakes that he made."

That position has suddenly changed in light of the fact Vick could go to the UFL. You see, Vick needs the money and is not getting any younger. Vick's sudden removal from football and incarceration left him 4 million in debt even after liquidation of all his assets.

The NFL needs Vick as he is a big draw. The reality is the NFL is driven by the almighty dollar and the only reason they did not reinstate him sooner is because the stigma of his brutal dog treatment is not yet forgotten. Public opinion of Vick is still negative among anyone outside of football. Speaking of reality, football fans want him back. The NFL knows they have to strike while the iron is hot and fearing they could lose Vick to another league, they have characterized their reinstatement of Vick as "conditional". This is to appease anyone that still feels Vick needs to pay a price to the football gods and not just the law of the land.

Here are the conditions: If a team picks him up, Vick may participate in any activities other than games. This allows him to practice and essentially join a team and be ready when football season comes around. He has to sit out until week six. The conditions in realty are a six game suspension.

Vick has humbled himself and responded to the NFL's announcement, "... I want to thank the commissioner for the chance to return to the game I love and the opportunity to become an example of positive change."

Some NFL players have already weighed in on the issue and demanding that Vick be 'unconditionally' reinstated. Players like Terrell Owens are petitioning other players to pressure the league to allow Vick to play as soon as opening day arguing that the NFL has no right to keep Vick out of Football so why arbitrarily keep him out until week six?


Arizona Cardinals Defensive End Chad Ochocinco: "Six more games after two years, construction work? O etc... Enough is enough!"


Meanwhile reaction from those on the animal side such as PETA released a statement: "He has served his reduced sentence, but no child should ever look up to Vick as a role model. ... We are going to watch him like a hawk. In the meantime, we'd like to see the NFL add 'cruelty to animals' to its personal-conduct policy as an offense that won't be tolerated."

It's clear Vick has some short term baggage. If he can still play and keeps his nose out of trouble, he may yet rescue his life from financial ruin and he may even win over his critics.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Attention Facebook Users

Facebook caused a pretty big controversy earlier this year after undergoing changes in its terms of use, which would allow the social networking site to use whatever content members upload onto the site - even after accounts are closed. Now, Facebook is being criticized again after one user saw a picture of his wife - in an advertisement for "hot singles." Apparently, your photo could be appearing in ads without your permission or knowledge. Luckily, you can opt-out, and here's how:

  • Go to facebook/settings/privacy settings
  • Select News Feed and Wall
  • Click on the Facebook Ads tab
  • In the drop-down menu next to “Appearance in Facebook Ads” select “Noone”.

Andrew W.K.'s Hilarious Weather Bit

I'll never watch my local weather man again. Andrew W.K. sorted out the weather in perfect style in a guest bit on Fox. I don't know if he rehearsed it or not, but he nailed each change in the map with a laugh. You've got to check out this video. Be warned - you WILL laugh.

Who is Andrew W.K.? He made is splash as a hard core grunge type rocker with no less than 5 party songs with the name party in them in the early 2000's. He's become a popular speaker on the College circuit yet has no college degree and most recently has a show on Cartoon Network, Destroy Build Destroy. He's one of those guys that to look at him you figure, "Oh no, here's trouble" but he is actually all about positive energy.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gush's About Pattinson

It's not just the fans and teenagers that Twilight star Robert Pattinson has captured the hearts of, but also big time celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt! I'm sure you've all imagined what you would do if you ever met the world's favorite vampire and Jennifer Love Hewitt is no different. She hoped to bump into him and the rest of the Twilight crew at Comic-Con but wasn't lucky enough to. "I'd pass out. I can't talk about it, 'cause I'd pass out," she said. "It's because he's Edward. Listen, Edward can fly you through the forest. He's like Aladdin with vampire teeth — there's magic-carpet rides. He can sing. He can watch you sleep. He plays music. He sniffs your neck. I mean, please!" If the Ghost Whisperer star feels like she would pass out what chance do any of us normal girls have if in some alternate reality we ran into the hunky vampire.

Jennifer hasn't given up yet though. She's hoping that she'll be able to have some type of role in any future Twilight movies, no matter how big or small it is. "I want a part so bad. Any part's fine. I will be the vampire who carries Robert Pattinson's luggage in the airport, that is the part that I will play if they need it," she said. "Jamie wants to play a werewolf, so we're both putting it out there."

Who knows maybe she'll get her wish and we'll get to catch her in the future Twilight" movies!

Joe Jonas Injures Brother Nick

That's what Joe Jonas gets for showing off. During their concert in Philadelphia this weekend Joe Jonas decided to give the crowd a taste of his drumming skills. To bad for his brother Nick, when it ended with him getting his hand smashed hard with a drumstick by Joe. Way to go Joe.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chris Brown's Apollogy Worked; On Rihanna

The New York Post reports hip hop artist Chris Brown and his ex girlfriend singer Rihanna spent the weekend in of all places, Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City overlooking beautiful Central Park. However they did check into separate rooms.

In addition they have tried to avoid the public, press, and paparazzi using decoy cars in an effort to not be caught together by anyone with a camera. Why? Remember Chris has a restraining order barring him from any contact from Rihanna. Brown, pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge against Rhianna just 5 months ago in February.

Bottom line, his video pleading for forgiveness may not have worked with the public or media. It did work on the one person to him that mattered, Rihanna. You may recall his video he personally released last week (week of July 12) asking for every one's forgiveness was panned by critics and polls shown that over 60 percent felt his apology was too little tool late.

One could speculate it's just a coincidence but neither artist have any performances in town this weekend. In addition they have ultimately arrived and left the same locations, just not together and not at the same times.

What is happening it appears Brown is on his own in his doings. Last week he acknowledged his video apology was against his attorneys recommendation and when asked for comment in regards to this past weekend his equally high profile attorney Mark Geragos stated, "I don't want to be quoted on something hypothetical."

Essentially, mums the words folks. We see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. No one is commenting on this. Not only are Brown's attorney and publicist not speaking, the prosecutors in Brown's case are not commenting. The real question is how will Rihanna react to questions asking if she forgives Brown? Because you know she's going to deny (she has to) having seen him. Consider that these two are kids. Brown is 20 and Rihanna is 21. They have a long way to go in terms of understanding the mess they are in and how to properly handle it. Brown has not even been sentenced yet so he is walking a very fine line as the courts don't take kindly to disrespecting orders. Any one judge with an agenda could decide to make an example of him.

What is worse is that if it is proven true that Rihanna has reconciled with Brown, she will lose all public sympathy. At least if he hits her again. Until then, talking heads will come out of the woodwork discussing if she did or did not do the right thing.

If you are wondering how this turns out, perhaps you can use the other Brown fiasco as a barometer. His name is Bobby.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's Baaaack... Nadya Suleman Continues Sell Out

America's embarrassment continues. She's accomplished our worst nightmare. Nadya Suleman better known as Octomom for producing 8 babies while on public assistance and no job through in-vitro fertilization (no copulation with a man), has scored a contract for a reality TV show.

Only in America can someone bleed the system and then score a TV show for being the ultimate freeloader. You may recall in April Nadya set up a site to take donations to support her children.

The only thing that can save us now is if a judge can somehow undermine the contract she entered into justifying the children's best interest are not served. One can only hope.

The details are as follows, European production company Eyeworks agrees to pay a quarter of a million dollars over three years. Her children however will only earn a paltry percentage when divided amongst them all. After all she has 14. That's roughly $9,000.00 per child. Nadya pockets the rest.

While $250,000.00 over three years is actually not all that much money for allowing a production team to film your life over three years, who amongst us wouldn't give up some privacy for that kind of cash? The question is does the right person deserve it? Especially when the right people (the children) are being exploited with so little in return.

Carrie Prejean Attempts To Sing!

Carrie Prejean was captured trying out her vocal skills at a recent horse race in Del Mar and failing miserably! Judge for ears are bleeding! At least she looked like she was somewhat embareassed about the performance!

Former American Idol Contestant Found Dead!

Alexis Cohen, better known to American Idol audiences as "Glitter Girl" was found dead in Allentown, PA early this morning. Cohen was 25 years old, and had auditioned for the Fox TV show in 2008 and again in 2009, she was rejected by the judges both times, never earning her golden ticket to Hollywood. Police in Allentown claim her body was discovered in the street by two pedestrians and no immediate cause of death is known at this time. An autopsy is scheduled for this afternoon.

Here is the video from her very colorful exit after her Season 7 audition:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Wedding March (intro) Ever?

Happy 40th Birthday J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez turns the big 4-0 on July 24. Take a walk down memory lane with "Jenny From the Block."

1. In November, La Lopez taped her first televised concert special for NBC in Puerto Rico.

2. Her star continued to rise when she landed a role opposite George Clooney in "Out of Sight." Jennifer received rave reviews for her role as a deputy U.S. marshal who falls for a charming thief.

3. In 2001, Jennifer had another hit on her hands when "The Wedding Planner" (also starring Matthew McConaughey) took the top spot at the box office, making her the first actress and singer in history to have a film and an album (J.Lo) hit number one during the same week!

4. In 1999, J.Lo released her first album, On the 6. During that time, she was dating Sean "Puffy" Combs, and also donned this unforgettable Versace gown to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

5. In the early '90s, Lopez got a sweet gig as a member of the Fly Girl dance troupe on Keenan Ivory Wayans' (center) sketch comedy show, "In Living Color." In case you didn't know, "Dancing With the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba (bottom right) was also a Fly Girl

6. Jennifer Lopez was born on July 24, 1969, in the Bronx, New York. The middle of three daughters, "Jenny From the Block" dreamed of becoming a performer

7. Jen's next big break came when she was chosen to portray slain Tejano singer Selena in the 1997 biopic. Her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Britney and Jason Get Domestic

The pop star reportedly stocked up on household items such as brooms and picture frames. Hope she brought some 20%-off coupons!

What do you think of Britney going back to brunette? Is it just us, or does that look like a wig?

Britney sure seems happy since she started dating Jason. Maybe next time they go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, it'll be to sign up for the wedding registry!

Britney Spears and manager/boyfriend Jason Trawick went shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond on Sunday.