Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy:All limits of violence goes beyond-Body chopped into 250 pieces,head recovered

Asgar Ali

Detective branch of police yesterday traced out the head of Asgar whose body in fourteen pieces was recovered from Lalbagh area in Dhaka city on Thursday.

Police suspect that alleged love affair of the deceased Asgar with Polly, wife of Zahirul Islam Zahir , who is now in police custody , led to his murder.

However,Nazimuddin Badsha, brother of victim Zahir, claimed that Asgar had a quarrel with Zahir on Wednesday morning in connection with his deceased's cable business.

The bare pieces of the body were recovered by the police from a two- square kilometre area of Lalbagh.

Zahirul Islam Zahir engineered the plot to kill Asgar for his alleged involvement in love affair with Polly.

Zahir reportedly confessed to the killing of Asgar in his ( Zahir) own house at Lalbagh which is approximately half kilometer away from that of Asgar.

Zahir and deceased Asgar were close friends, police said.

Zahir narrated the gruesome murder of Asgar when he was produced before a team of reporters at the DB headquarters at Minto Road in the capital yesterday.

Zahir told reporters that on the fateful night of Wednesday Asgar and he were watching TV in a room of his house. His wife Polly was away from the house on that night, he said. Around 10:00 pm Rubel and Mohsin, two persons of dubious credentials of the locality, came to the room.Soon after Zahir left the room.As soon as Zahir left the room, notorious Rubel and Mohsin caught Zahir and strangled him with urna.

When the two killers confirmed that Asgar is dead, they took his body to the bath room and cut it into 250 pieces throughout the whole night.Afterwards, the pieces were put into fourteen poly bags.Zahir returned to his house when

Rubel and Mohsin were cutting the body Asgar into pieces, according to the confessional statement of Zahir.

In the early morning of Thursday, Zahir, Rubel and Mohsin dumped the Pieces of the Asgar's body into several dustbins at different places of Lalbagh area.

Hearing about the recovery of a few pieces of a body Badsha had a look at the pieces and identified them to be his brother's. He later went to Sir Salimullah Medical College Morgue to see the other pieces and became sure that his brother was brutally killed.

Police recorded a murder case early yesterday.

Asgar's wife Eva, who is pregnant, fell sick on hearing the news of her husband's murder. Later she was admitted to a local clinic. Asgar and Eva have a five-year-old boy.

Deputy commissioner of DB Auladah Hossain told the New Nation that Zahir was known as criminal. His relations with his wife Polly since were strained since their marriage 11 years ago.

Five years ago, businessman Shamsul Haque and his son Russel's body were found dismembered in a similar way. Allegedly, a local BNP leader and criminal Kajol of Patuatuli in Old Dhaka murdered them.

Source:The New Nation