Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elen Rivas shows off her VERY toned figure in a sexy black bikini

She recently completed the London Marathon in a very respectable five-and-a-half hours and is clearly keen to show off the results after her months of training.

Mother-of-two Elen Rivas looked stunning as she lounged by the pool of her hotel in Barcelona, Spain, wearing a sexy black monokini which flattered her toned curves and highlighted her lithe figure.

There were no signs of any lumps or bumps as Elen made the most of the sunshine on her well-earned trip, pulling off the notoriously difficult-to-wear monokini with aplomb.


 Drying off: Elen attempted to towel dry her hair after her swim, but got a bit tangled in her towel
Cooling off: Elen took a refreshing dip in the pool after her sunbathing, but perhaps hadn't realised quite how cold the water would be.Relaxing: The holiday was a well-earned break for mother-of-two Elen, who recently completed the London Marathon

So it's no wonder the 35-year-old model, who recently said she's in the 'best shape of my life', attracted a few admiring glances as she sauntered casually around the pool and cooled off with a dip in the swimming pool.

And if Elen was aiming to make ex-boyfriend Peter Andre jealous with her sexy poolside outfit, she has surely succeeded.

The pair split this month after five months of dating, and 38-year-old Peter recently insisted he will work hard to stay friends with the Spanish star.

He told heat magazine recently: 'We're mates, and if we had stayed together that could have been ruined. We never argued and if the relationship had continued, we would have started to row.

'We never saw one another. I am so busy and so is Elen, and in my heart, I knew that the relationship was never going to step up to the next level. We weren't going to get married. We are better off as friends - and we are.'

And Peter stayed true to his word when he encouraged fans on Twitter to sponsor Elen in her London Marathon bid.

Elen completed the Marathon in aid of the charity Wellbeing of Women, and told her followers on Twitter she found the whole experience very emotional.

She tweeted: 'Hiya,what an amazing day was yday at the marathon.The atmosphere was superb. I must say it was incredible seeing a all that people running.

'Finally I got in the finish line after 5.5hrs with 2 massive blisters in my big toes..I feel like a truck has run over'

Admiring glances: One poolside man couldn't take his eyes off Elen's incredible figure as she strolled past

Angeline Jolie is hot mama with new $10 million contract with Louis Vuitton

Angelina Jolie has just signed on for a worldwide ad campaign for designer Louis Vuitton. A source says Jolie will be paid close to $10 million for being the face of LV. Shooting Jolie will be famed photographer Annie Leibowitz. Previously, Jolie had endorsement deals with St. John and Shiseido.

This is both a good get for Angelina and LV. LV gets to market itself as a wealthy brand using one of the most famous celebrities out there who has little or no controversy surrounding them and is widely loved and Angelina gets $10 million. Seems like a fair deal. Much better than the one Louis Vuitton made with me which was �leave the building now and we won�t call the cops.� Those guys are tough negotiators.

Side note: Aw, crap. Angelina Jolie has the Madonna arm thing going on. She�s about 1% fat right now.

New Snooki Lost Weight look less fat girl

Snooki updated her Facebook with a few new photos of herself after losing a significant amount of weight. This was after hooking up with a trainer in January and sticking to the regimen. Who knew this chick had self control?

Snooki has also apparently given up alcohol which should make her new Jersey Shore spin-off with JWoww incredibly dull. She tweeted, �Water is my new best friend. As everyones planning their night at the club, I�m wondering when Golds closes lol.�

But how much weight did this chick lose? She looked like a balled up piece of dough a few months back and now she looks not so much like that. Her waist looks tiny. Is it because of that belt tightened around her waist? Because I�m pretty sure strategically pushing your fat up to your chest doesn�t count as losing weight.

Elton John has mother's milk bought to baby Zach by FedEx

Once upon a time he might have had fresh flowers or fine wine shipped to his door from miles away.

Now Sir Elton John�s priorities have changed � if not the extravagance.

Since becoming a father, the singer has had breast milk for his four-month-old son Zachary delivered to his home by courier service FedEx.

Happy families: Elton John with four-month-old Zachary
In charge: The 64-year-old singer looked delighted to be burping his little baby
Pucker up: Elton John kisses the head of baby Zachary

In an interview broadcast in the United States, the 64-year-old revealed the lengths he has gone to to ensure Zachary is fed on milk expressed by his biological mother, who acted as a surrogate for Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish, 48.

Sir Elton told talk show host Barbara Walters: �[Zachary�s biological mother] has been providing him with breast milk.

�We have the breast milk FedExed from where she is.�

In the UK, only a third of babies are exclusively breastfed when they are one week old, dropping to 7 per cent by the time babies reach Zachary�s age.

Most mothers favour artificial alternatives, such as milk formula. The most recent figures, from 2005, show that 53 per cent of babies are fed exclusively on such substitutes at some point between four and ten weeks of age. Sir Elton and Mr Furnish became parents on Christmas Day.

The couple are thought to have been present when Zachary arrived weighing 7lb 15oz at a Beverly Hills hospital and have so far been bringing up their baby in California.

In the interview with Miss Walters, Sir Elton is shown burping Zachary and cuddling him before singing him a lullaby.

He sings: �I love my little boy, he�s my little pride and joy. He�s the most gorgeous little bubba in the world.�

The star then kisses Zachary�s head before adding: �Yes you are, you are a gorgeous thing.�

Sir Elton, who has been with Mr Furnish for 17 years, recently revealed the inspiration behind their son�s full name, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. He said: �Zachary is one of my favourite names, and David�s. And one of our favourite churches in Venice, where we have a home, [is] called San Zaccaria.

�It was John the Baptist�s father�s name and John the Baptist was born three days before Jesus Christ.

�Jackson is a name I�ve always liked and David�s dad is called Jack and it�s an old English name that means son of Jack.

�And it was just going to be Zachary Jackson and then as he was born on Christmas Day, and [my] song Levon says �he was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day�, I chucked that in for a bit of rock star influence.�

Kelly Brooke tells shows off pregnancy curves.

The world was stunned when Kelly Brook announced last year she was expecting a baby with boyfriend Thom Evans after just three months of dating.

But while Kelly has admitted the pregnancy wasn't planned, she insists she wouldn't change her situation for the world, and is thrilled to have found 'the One' in former rugby player Thom.

Kelly's revelations come as she shows off her pregnancy curves in a tight leopard-print swimsuit as incredibly muscular Thom struts his stuff in the background of the exclusive shots taken in Portugal for Hello! magazine.

Stunning: Kelly has made a career out of her curvy figure, modelling for Ultimo (left) and wearing a tiny red bikini in recent film Piranha 3D but has learned to accept her now changing body
Blooming: Kelly Brook shows off her pregnancy curves in a leopard-print swimsuit while her incredibly muscular boyfriend Thom Evans larks around in the background with a water gun

Kelly, 31, told the publication: 'That is what happens when you are in love - you surrender to whatever is to be. It wasn't a plan, but if it happened, it happened. We were boyfriend and girlfriend.'

And in her first interview since announcing the pregnancy, Kelly said the couple have been inseparable since meeting in a London nightclub last November.

She said: 'We have spent virtually every day together ever since. There was no game-playing, which is why I think our relationship progressed so quickly, because we haven't had to deal with egos.

'I love Thom and Thom loves me. We love being together. It is as simple as that.'

Kelly's confidence in her relationship with Thom comes after splits from actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane as well as Thom's former teammate Danny Cipriani, from whom Kelly split last summer.

But model Kelly said she knew instantly that Thom was 'The One'.

She said: 'I immediately felt he was The One, and I have never felt that before. That has something to do with my age. I didn't want to waste my time with someone I wasn't sure about - it was Thom.'

And while her pregnancy might not have been planned, Kelly says she always knew having a family with Thom was a part of her future.

She explained: 'This baby is not the result of me suddenly becoming broody because I have hit my 30s. It is simply that I have met someone that I am happy to share that responsibility with.'

Kent-born Kelly has been in Los Angeles since the start of January, working on a number of modelling assignments and campaigns, including coming up with designs for a new maternity range for high-street chain New Look.

Former Scotland international star Thom is a former teammate of Kelly's ex Cipriani. He joined Kelly in the U.S. shortly after they met and has been taking acting classes.

Evans played for the London Wasps with Cipriani from 2004 to 2006.

However, the Zimbabwe-born sports hunk was forced to quit his career as a professional rugby player after he suffered a horrific spinal injury. He is now hoping to become an action movie star.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Christina Aguilera big fake breasts

Christina Aguilera was honored with the first star on the Hollywood Gay Walk of Fame last night despite not even being gay and successfully reproducing via heterosexual intercourse. However, she does have huge breasts beloved by my weiner gay and straight alike making them a universal language of togetherness, and she also made Matthew Rutler dress up like Cam Gigandet�s character in Burlesque which is probably the queerest thing we�ll see all week. And keep in mind that�s coming from a site that featured Andy Cohen bare-chested just two days ago. Aren�t I naughty?! *tosses boa around neck*