Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess Who This Five Year-Old Girl - You Will Be Stunned

hot gossip is that, Now that's what we call a COME UP!! All you parents of UGLY CHILDREN out there . . . you have hope!!!

You will be simply stunned when you all see her now

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eLDee, Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan proclaim their pride in Nigeria with launch of 'Rep 4 Nigeria'.

Naija�s music elite are celebrating Nigeria�s 50th anniversary of independence with the release of Rep 4 Nigeria - a stunning new urban anthem which celebrates the proud spirit of modern Nigeria.
Penned by Nigerian rapper and producer, Eldee, Rep 4 Nigeria is an original composition that features contemporary stars Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan.

Commissioned by MTV base (DStv Channel 322) as part of the celebrations for Nigerian independence, Rep 4 Nigeria is a call for young Nigerians to 'rep' their country and their area with pride. Each of the artists involved wrote their own verse, with R&B artist and �Naija Ninja� Sound Sultan writing and performing the infectiously

catchy �hook� and chorus.

The music video for Rep 4 Nigeria was directed by video ace Clarence Peters and filmed on location in Lagos, featuring Eldee, Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan. The music video will premiere on MTV base (DStv
Channel 322) on Monday 4 October before going on exclusive, A-list rotation on MTV base, guaranteeing at least 30 spins a week for the stirring track.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, �MTV Networks Africa is thrilled to be the catalyst in the creation of Rep 4 Nigeria, a poignant and inspirational track that shows Nigerian artists affirming their pride and optimism in the 50th anniversary of their nation.�

Music fans can watch the music video of Rep 4 Nigeria or download the track free of charge at from 4 October 2010.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fact Behind Electric Cigarette

Usually as an electric cigarette user breathes in, an atomizer, which is powered by a miniature battery, begins its mechanism. In this process the electric cigarettes reproduce a petite amount of liquid nicotine into its vapor state. Inhaling this nicotine vapor provides the user the same effect of nicotine through patches or gum within seconds than those, which give the same effect in minutes. There is a cartridge of nicotine available within the electric cigarettes, which may be available in different concentration as per the interest of the user. 

There are various brands of nicotine cartridges available for the electronic cigarettes like the one can called Gamucci electronic cigarette, which have high strength, low strength and minimal strength. This type of electronic cigarettes is principally designed to help the people who are on a mission to quit the smoking habit. When the get familiar to the usage of the electronic cigarette, they can steadily decrease the strength from high to low and at last stop the usage. This is a highly useful device.

This device provides the users with the same effect of a normal cigarette for instance, the usage of cylindrical object, smoke, inhaling, etc. Other main advantages include their strength over nicotine patches or gum as the users can feel the effect a lot quicker than those items. The other matter is that the smokers cannot give up nicotine patches and gum because they do not have the effect of inhaling the smoke from that cylindrical object.

Coen brothers' True Grit remake generates some serious awards buzz

The original 1969 movie won John Wayne his Oscar.

And now the film's remake, due out later this year, is sparking fresh excitement regarding the films awards worthiness.

The first trailer for True Grit was revealed yesterday and already movie pundits are discussing the likelihood of the film and its all-star cast receiving any of the coveted golden man statuettes.

Oscar worthy: Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in the Coen's brother's remake of 1968 film True Grit

Western hero: The original film starred John Wayne who won a Best Actor Oscar for his role

In the new Coen brothers (No Country For Old Men and O, Brother Where Art Thou?) directed film, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges reprises John Wayne's role playing one-eyed Marshall Reuben 'Rooster' Cogburn.

Rooster is hired by a stubborn young girl to help track down her father's murderer, played by Josh Brolin, and avenge his death.

The girl insists on accompanying Cogburn, against his wishes, and the pair set out on a journey into the Indian nations.

The pair are joined by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, played by Matt Damon, who has ulterior motives for hunting down the unsuspecting killer.

The role of the young girl, Mattie Ross, is played by 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld and this film is set to be her breakout role.

The film, which is released on Christmas Day in the U.S. is set to go up against The Social Network and The King's Speech in the Oscars race.

Old drunk: Bridges plays Marshall Cogburn, an aggressive drunk who is hired by a young girl to track down her father's murderer
Texas Ranger: Matt Damon dons some serious facial hair as LaBoeuf
Bad man: Josh Brolin plays the sinister murderer Tom Clancy
Old cast: Kim Derby as Mattie Ross and John Wayne as Marshall Cogburn
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Katy Perry set to appear on The Simpsons as herself

Katy Perry may have been axed from Sesame Street, but it looks like she will be performing with puppets after all.

The singer is set to appear on The Fight Before Christmas, an all-puppet live action segment on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

And The Simpsons seem to appreciate Katy's naughty style, judging by the tongue-in-cheek statement from executive producer Al Jean to Entertainment Weekly.

He said: 'In the wake of Elmo�s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.'
Katy's Hot N Cold duet with Elmo was banned after her low-cut costume was considered a little too risque for the children's show.

He said: 'In the wake of Elmo�s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.'

In the Christmas-themed episode, Katy, 25, plays bar keeper Moe's girlfriend. And she leads Homer and the gang in a rendition of The 39 Days of Christmas.


From Sesame Street to Simpsons: Katy Perry will appear on the first ever all-puppet Simpsons episode this December

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart also appears in the episode, but in cartoon form.

Bosses on Sesame Street admit they were surprised by the reaction to Katy's segment , but insisted she received a lot of support from viewers as well.

'It caught us by surprise,' said Sesame Street executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente.

'We are trying to go after those younger parents that may not have grown up on Sesame Street or seek it out We know how effective Sesame Street is.

'She (Katy Perry) is a wonderful musical talent and we had a great time.

'We would never produce anything that we felt was inappropriate and we were surprised at the amount of feedback and how fast it came in. There was a lot.

'Parents trust Sesame Street, we take that seriously and we viewed a lot of the feedback and made what we thought was an appropriate decision.'

But Katy seems to have kept her sense of humour about the whole thing.

'Wow, looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short!' she Tweeted.

The California Gurls star also poked fun at herself by appearing on Saturday Night Live wearing a very revealing Elmo T-shirt.

Banned! Katy Perry's outfit was too risque for family-friendly Sesame Street
Oops! Katy may have been axed from Sesame Street, but she will still be appearing on The Simpsons as herself
Hello Elmo! Katy wore a raunchy Elmo T-shirt for her appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she was the musical guest (Weyco Group, Inc.) (Weyco Group, Inc.) (Weyco Group, Inc.)

Dutch Gardens, Inc.
Dutch Gardens, Inc.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Australia's Next Top Model host announces the WRONG winner

Tech Depot - An Office Depot Co.

Britney Spear braless in t shirt expose nipple tits again

Britney Spears paid a visit to boyfriend Jason Trawick's workplace yesterday wearing an outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

The singer looked toned and svelte in her Daisy Dukes and a pair of sky-high wedges.

But despite it being the hottest day on record in Los Angeles, Britney seemed a little chilly in her tight grey tank top.
Underwear malfunction: Svelte Britney Spears visits boyfriend Jason Trawick but leaves her bra at home

The mother-of-two went to see talent agent Jason at his Beverly Hills office before taking him out for a spot of shopping.

And it looks like the 28-year-old didn't think her questionable getup was at all inappropriate.

But perhaps she was distracted by the thought that her highly-anticipated Glee episode is airing tonight in the U.S

And judging by her Twitter updates, Britney can barely contain her excitement.

She says: 'Can't wait for GLEE tomorrow night. I'm going to tweet along as it airs on the West Coast so we can watch together.'

The hour-long episode, called Britney/Brittany, brings to the forefront the character of cheerleader Brittany, portrayed by Heather Morris.

And it's based entirely around Britney's hit songs and music videos, including Hit Me Baby (One More Time), Oops I Did It Again, Stronger, Slave For You, Toxic and Me Against The Music.
When Brittany and the gang try to convince Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) to let them do a Britney Spears number, he is reluctant to go that edgy,' states Columbia Records, which releases and promotes Glee's music.
The cast of Glee released yet another promo, this time talking about how exciting it is to work with Britney.

Heather Morris is especially thrilled to be working with someone she has idolised for years.

She says: 'When I was younger she was, like, my idol. [I'm A] Slave [4 U]' is, like, the best video ever.

'I am, like, literally an inch away from Britney Spears, who I used to watch on television and, like, learn dance moves to. ... It's going to be Spearstacular.'

Glee airs on Fox tonight at 8pm.

Cheer up love! Britney looks slightly concerned as she visits Jason in Beverly Hills
Full of Glee! Britney's much-anticipated Glee episode airs tonight in the U.S
What a gent: Jason carries Britney's handbag as they go shopping together
That's better! Britney covers up her very revealing top with a light pink cardigan

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