Monday, February 28, 2011

Natalie Portman & Fiance Grab Some Lunch

Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman and her choreographer fiance Benjamin Millepied stepped out in the beautiful L.A. sun today for some lunch together.

Natalie Portman, who won her first Oscar last night, looked relaxed in a yellow sweater and colorful cotton skirt. She and her fiance both sported the low key look with matching black sunglasses.

These two really are the cutest couple! They seem really down to earth & the best part is that she drives a Toyota, ha ha. Normally celebrities opt for a BMW or Mercedes but not these two...I love it.



Madonna & Daughter Lourdes Attend Oscar Party: They Could Be Twins!

Madonna & Lourdes attended the Oscars after party at Sunset Tower.

If Madonna would let her original hair color grow out she and 15 year old daughter Lourdes Leon could be twins. It's funny just how much Lourdes is growing up to look like her mom and she's turning into quiet the little fashionista as well.

Lourdes has recently co-created {with her mom} a fashion line of 80's style clothing named after one of her mom's songs, 'Material Girl'. It was recently announced that clothing lines new spokes model would be British celebrity Kelly Osborne.

'Material Girl' clothing is being sold on the website and Macy's.


Marisa Tomei, Camila Alves & Hailee Steinfeld Change Their Oscar Wardrobe For The After Party

Not everyone can wear the same thing twice...even if it is in honor of the same event.

Camila Alves opted to change out of her beautifully large gown and into a gorgeous nude and black fitted mermaid style dress.

Marisa Tomei ?opted to leave her vintage black gown at home for the after party and changed into a fun and flirty fuchsia dress.

14 year old 'True Grit' starlet Hailee Steifeld left her beautiful {age appropriate} pale pink dress on but switched her nude peep toe heels for some way more comfortable red Chuck Taylor's (Converse).

Do you prefer the stars' red carpet look or their after party look?

Selena Gomez & Jusin Bieber Step Out For An Oscars Date Night

There has been speculation that 19 year old Selena Gomez and {barely} 17 year old singer Justin Bieber have been dating but it seems to have been confirmed at last nights Academy Awards.

The two showed up on the red carpet holding hands and stayed close throughout the photo ops. Rumor is they even shared a kiss while inside the 'Kodak Theater'. The young couple later attended the Oscars after party being held at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood where they were spotted & photographed still getting close, with a little hand on knee action.

IMO Justin Bieber looks even more feminine with his new haircut. Selena darlin', you can do way better.

The Many Styles Of 2011 Oscar Host Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway had many wardrobe changes throughout the evening of co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards with fellow actor James Fraco. She was first spotted on the red carpet before showtime in a red Valentino couture gown.

Once the show began she had 7 wardrobe changes and I have to say not all of them were pretty (much like the show). Take a look for yourself...

Did you have a favorite or least favorite?

Cobalt dress by Armani Prive, Glittery dress by Oscar de la Renta, Fitted suit by Lanvin, Black layered gown by Vivienne Westwood, White gown by Givenchy, Fitted black dress by Tom Ford, Red gown by Atelier Varsace.





Celebs Attend 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

If you watched the 83rd Academy Awards last night you'll know that a lot of these celebrities weren't seen on the red carpet. It seem seems that many of Hollywood's finest opted to skip the almost 2 1/2 hour show and simply show up to some of the after parties.

This party in particular was hosted by Graydon Carter and held at teh Susnset Tower last night in West Hollywood.

Fit beauty Jessica Beil (pictured above) was not seen strutting her stuff on the red carpet with musician/actor boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Instead of his girlfriend, JT was accompanied to the awards show by his mother Lynn. And, as cute as that might be it might be nice to see those two together in public since it happens so rarely and maybe then it'll put a stop to the rumors that Justin Timberlake has been getting close to supposedly newly single Amanda Seyfried.

Jessica Beil (above), Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Dianna Agron, Elizabeth Bank, Emma Stone, Ginnefer Goodwin, Juliette Lewis, Kate Beckinsdale, Liv Tyler, Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschenel.







Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebs Attend Chanel Pre-Oscar Party

Many celebrities gathered at this years Chanel Pre-Oscar Party held at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, CA last night.

The Oscars fun starts tonight at 7pm (pst) for the Red Carpet event and is followed up at 8pm (pst) with the Awards Show. I cant wait! 

Will you be watching tonight's show?

Pictured: Uma Therman, Camilla Belle, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Emma Roberts, Hayley Bennette, Hayden Panettiere, James Mardson, Joanna Garcia, Vanessa Hudgens, Marissa Tomei, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Patricia Arquette, Ryan Phillippe.


Oscar documentary nominees aren't afraid of Banksy

Lucy Walker is more worried about gussying up for the 83rd annual Academy Awards than worrying about whether Banksy will make his mark on Sunday's ceremony. The director of the transformative garbage dump chronicle "Waste Land" is among the nominees facing the infamously elusive street artist for the documentary feature Oscar.

"I'm a female documentary filmmaker," Walker said Saturday at a posh HBO reception honoring this year's documentary nominees at the Four Seasons hotel. "Nothing can scare me as much as standing on a red carpet next to movie stars."

Other nominees up against Walker's "Waste Land" and Banksy's is-it-real-or-not "Exit Through the Gift Shop" include the Afghanistan war account "Restrepo" by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger and the financial meltdown tale "Inside Job" by Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs. Partygoers were buzzing that Oprah Winfrey would be presenting their awards.

"What's happening this year with documentary films is as exciting as what's happening with narrative films," said nominee Josh Fox, the director of environmental expose "Gasland," which a natural gas industry group sought to disqualify from awards consideration. "If there's controversy, whether that's the gas industry, Banksy or Oprah, it's all good."

Banksy, the mysterious graffiti star who intentionally keeps his identity a secret, apparently hasn't shown up to any of the week's events, including a Wednesday panel of the documentary filmmaker nominees at the Academy's Beverly Hills headquarters and the Independent Spirit Awards, where "Exit Through the Gift Shop" won the documentary award Saturday.

Thierry Guetta, the eccentric Frenchman and street-art fan who appears in Banksy's film, accepted the trophy on his behalf. He said backstage that he didn't know where the elusive director was or whether he would be attending Sunday's ceremony. Jaimie D'Cruz, the film's producer, offered the same teasing statement when he appeared at Wednesday's panel.

Several new pieces apparently erected by Banksy began appearing around Los Angeles last week, though no new handiwork has been posted to his web site since earlier this week when two murals by Banksy were spotted in East Los Angeles and a tank tagged with the phrase "It looks a bit like an elephant" was glimpsed off the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.

Other attendees at Saturday's documentary soiree included several short documentary contenders. Among them were "Poster Girl" star Robynn Murray with filmmakers Sara Nesson and Mitchell W. Block; and "Killing in the Name" director Jed Rothstein with Ashraf Daas, the film's subject who lost over a dozen family members in a 2005 terrorist attack in Jordan.

Kate Middleton "It's a Nice Day for a Black Wedding Dress?"

Back in early January, Kate Middleton caused a royal scandal by wearing black to a friend's wedding. She is not alone in creating a first faux pas as a newly engaged royal. Her late future mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was literally in the same shoes as Kate wearing black to an event.

The so-called shocking ensemble comprised of dark colors, with a velvet coat. Some British reporters wonder if she'll wear black on her wedding day. Once upon a time white was not the acceptable wedding color. The color black is now becoming more appreciated and fashionable as a wedding dress color. Black makes one look slimmer. Who knows what color Kate's dress will be on April 29?

It all started with her propensity for wearing dark colors to her royal friends, Harry Aubrey's and Louise Stourton's, wedding in Yorkshire, England, on Jan. 8. Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of West Yorksire, were also in attendance. This was a royal family outing as William was an usher.

Kate's wedding guest ensemble featured a black pillbox hat, black velvet Libelula topcoat and a black dress that was above the knee with a sheer neckline. Traditionally, the royals only wear black for funerals. Shortly after she was engaged to Prince Charles, Diana caused quite a stir by wearing a long black gown with a revealing neckline to an official event.

This is not a color one would think to have as a wedding dress, though it is gaining acceptance little by little. They now come in all types of styles for the average bride. The traditional white wedding gown is becoming more antiquated as it is meant to be for purity and a virgin.

One of the all-time classic fashion pieces is the little black dress. Black is a hugely popular color to wear in the evenings. Economically speaking, another reason more and more brides are going for black wedding dresses is they can wear it for other occasions. It is nearly impossible to find another way to wear a white wedding dress.

Wearing different colors, such as red, as a wedding dress is catching on. Some brides may want to wear their favorite color, which isn't surprising if Kate decides on this trend. Times have greatly changed when Charles and Diana got married in 1981. Not only that, Prince William is not in direct line to the throne yet. Hopefully, royal traditions will be a bit relaxed for William and Kate as this isn't a state occasion.

Be Beautiful - At The Spa at West End; Greenville, SC

What an exciting week of red carpet beauty at The Spa at West End; Greenville, SC. We had an exciting week of cut and color appointments, Girls' Night Out, dining on the town, and meeting new friends.

Greenville, SC is truly a lovely little town with so many things to do, amazing restaurants, and beautiful people inside and out. I have a feeling I'll be back for more southern

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charlie Sheen Says He's Writing A Book...But Does He Have Bidders?

Only a few days after the announcement of the cancellation of '3 1/2 Men' the actor has announced that he has been and is still currently writing a tell-all book. The book is set to be a biography about everything that went on while filming the show for the past 8 years and what led to it's end.

Charlie Sheen has currently stated he's going to start the bidding on the publishing rights but is expecting the bidding to begin at $10 million...insanity!

TMZ reported earlier that the head honchos of '3 1/2 Men' shut down production after Charlie Sheen told them he wanted to fight creator Chuck Lorre

I think Charlie has a big ego and thinks he's much bigger than he actually is. If it hadn't been for that show his name wouldn't be anywhere in the papers and this is coming from someone who didnt even like the show. 
Were you a fan of the shows?

Rosario Dawson & Zoe Saldana Show Some Leg

The 32 year old 'Clerks II' actress Rosario Dawson and 33 year old 'Avatar' starlet Zoe Saldana joined many of their colleagues at the 2011 Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, CA today.

Rosario Dawson donned a calf length leopard print dress. At first look I wasn't a fan of the dress, the ruffles on the bottom really threw it off in my opinion but did like the open back. Rosario is known for not picking the most flattering dresses so this one in retrospect isn't that bad. She wore it, worked it and looked really pretty.

The multi-talented actress just finished filming 'Zoo Keeper' where she'll staring alongside funnyman Kevin James. All I have to say after watching the trailer is, this doesn't look like a money maker. It's way too Dr. Doolittle for me.

Zoe Saldana is currently filming 'Colombiana' where she'll play a woman who witnesses her parents murder as a child and grows up to be a cold blooded assassin.

She wore a much cuter dress but was a little too Sunday church for me, well maybe not length wise.  Also, as sexy as those heels are they don't suit the dress.

What do you think?