Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Snooki Lost Weight look less fat girl

Snooki updated her Facebook with a few new photos of herself after losing a significant amount of weight. This was after hooking up with a trainer in January and sticking to the regimen. Who knew this chick had self control?

Snooki has also apparently given up alcohol which should make her new Jersey Shore spin-off with JWoww incredibly dull. She tweeted, �Water is my new best friend. As everyones planning their night at the club, I�m wondering when Golds closes lol.�

But how much weight did this chick lose? She looked like a balled up piece of dough a few months back and now she looks not so much like that. Her waist looks tiny. Is it because of that belt tightened around her waist? Because I�m pretty sure strategically pushing your fat up to your chest doesn�t count as losing weight.

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