Sunday, November 15, 2009

Carrie Prejean's Biggest Mistake or Biggest Mistakes?

She had to open her mouth. In fact she even printed it...“God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.”

It appears Miss California or should we say Miss Hypocrite wasn't in just one 'biggest mistake' of her life as she's tried to explain. According to Radar Online Carrie Prejean has an additional 7 solo video sex recordings complete with moaning in ecstasy. She also has another 30 photos, which are not naked 'fashion' photos, but more photos sexual in nature.

At this time, the video and photos have not been circulated around the Internet so don't go running torrent searches just yet...

Carrie Prejean really needs to back track and get herself together. You can't call Larry King inappropriate for asking questions related a legal case, call him inappropriate only to know you've got plenty of inappropriate behavior of yourself on tape and celluloid. What is this woman thinking? You have to think what will be uncovered next and what will come out of her mouth next? The only reason any media source is putting her in front of a microphone now is to see how much damage she can continue to do to her own character. She's a train wreck taking place in front of our eyes.

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