Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Power Of The Bangle Bracelet

Wonder-Woman did it well when she incorporated this accessory to the forefront of her USA-themed body slimmer (ahem), I mean outfit. Big ones, skinny ones, chain linked, wooden, plastic, or metal;bracelets were and still are a staple in almost every woman's jewelry collection. In this fast approaching age of 2010, a girl can't freakin' pile on enough. So just do it. Mix em and stack them. They shouldn't be matchy-matchy---I like the ones that look like you may have purchased them abroad, the ones that might evoke a topic of discussion ,perhaps with a common stranger. And while it's true that a person may hear them before seeing them, it's probably better to just be seen. In other words, don't shake whatcha jewla' gave ya---not too much. Just remember, true style mavens don't need to drum up attention for themselves. The attention comes to them ;) Oh, and I hope you like the single bracelet pictures I posted above. They're all designer, and in this order: 1)Burberry 2)Fendi 3)Hermes and 4)Gucci . And you're damn right I'm getting me one, just as soon as my money gets right---because those fancy named versions don't come cheap at $300 and better a pop. You may not have asked me, butr here;s my advice. While we're keeping it frugal keep it fabulous by being creative;layer up on the inexpensive bracelets first. (P.S. Don't layer bracelet cuffs people. I don't want you looking ridiculous, or telling people that you got it from a post on the Cityrocka jewelry blog).

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