Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mother of MTV's "Teen Mom" Arrested for Assault

Teen celebrity Farrah Abraham is known for her MTV reality segment on “Teen Mom”, a series on MTV about teen mothers and their conflicts with raising children.

According to various news sources, baby Sophia is not the only one stirring up the family’s household. 54-year-old Debra Danielson, mother of 18-year old Farrah Abrahams was allegedly accused of choking and hitting 18-year old Farrah at their home in Iowa during an argument on Saturday.

The Daily News suggests that Farrah and her mother were quarrelling about Farrah’s “minimal” contributions in Sophia’s caretaking. Avid watchers of Teen Mom are aware of Farrah’s and Mrs. Danielson’s constant butting heads over Farrah’s social life and her commitment to staying home with Sophia.

MTV tells US Magazine that they are support of Farrah’s family getting help and preventing domestic violence cases in the future. MTV also urges young people to seek help if they are experiencing or know someone who are experiencing domestic violence.

“"MTV is aware of the matter between Farrah and her family, and will continue to respect and support her as we tell her story. “

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