Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bam Margera Got A Black Eye From A Girl!

The 'Jackass' star p*ssed off the wrong person this time...and it just so happened to be a girl. Bam Margera was given quiet a shiner last Thursday in Texas by a girl he called a 'sea otter' and 'beached whale'.

Guess those Texas gals are a lot tougher than we think! According to TMZ, Bam talked a lot sh*t and the girl kicked him in the face after a lot of yelling.

Bam was nice enough to take a photo of his black eye for TMZ but you can't really see it because the dork turned the wrong way. Either way, he's still back to being the loud mouth he normally is because he just had to throw in one last insult in that photo.

There are reports that Bam and wife Missy Rothstien are still legally married but they are separated and living in different cities. Rumor is that Bam is actually dating, not only 1 but 2 girls on the east-coast...gross!

This dude needs to get his sh*t together like yesterday. I mean, Steve-O did it, so it is possible.

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