Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joel Madden Doesn't Do Pillow Talk With Wife Nicole Richie - Newleyweds or Not

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie

For all of you women who ever wondered about what it would be like--- post-bedding down Good Charlotte singer  Joel Madden wonder no more. He doesn't do pillow talk. At least not when it comes to doing it with his new wife, Fashion Jewelry designer Nicole Richie. Apparently, the house of Harlow entrepreneur recently dropped $3000 on throw pillows, and Madden simply wasn't having it. "Do you ever look at your credit card bill and ask your wife how the hell she could spend three-thousand dollars on pillows? I do. PILLOWS," Madden tweeted. don't be too frazzled. We don't smell a divorce wafting in the air, in fact, we think it's quite normal for a married couple to disagree about finances. Aren't they just too cute?

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