Sunday, March 27, 2011

Johnny Depp to Appear on Ricky Gervais' Sitcom

Johnny Depp reportedly thinks life's too short to hold a grudge. The A-lister was targeted when Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais made fun of Depp's caper 'The Tourist' (co-starring Angelina Jolie) at the 2010 Globes ceremony in January.

But despite some in Hollywood blasting Gervais' wisecracks, Reuters reports that Depp, 47, actually prefers to get in on the joke and work with the British funnyman.

Gervais wrote on his blog recently that the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star has confirmed his participation in the upcoming sitcom 'Life's Too Short,' to be co-written by Gervais in collaboration with longtime comedy partner Stephen Merchant ('Extras') for British TV.

Like 'Extras,' the new sitcom is expected to feature a slew of famous faces in cameo appearances. But Gervais denied on his blog a recent rumor that Jerry Seinfeld would be a guest.

'Life's Too Short' follows the exploits of a little person with a larger-than-life personality (Warwick Davis) who runs a talent agency for dwarf performers. The BBC2 series, in development now, is also expected to air on HBO in the States.

Another bit of news that Gervais confirmed to his blog readers recently: He will guest-star with Will Arnett on the May 19 season finale episode of NBC's 'The Office.'

Gervais, of course, co-created the original 'The Office' back in 2001, and the modest series (it ran 14 episodes in the U.K., and starred Gervais as incompetent office manager David Brent) became such a hit, it has been remade time and again into international versions set in Germany, Chile, Israel, and Quebec, Canada, with a China-based version of the show reportedly in development. Critics may have slammed the 49-year-old Brit's recent Golden Globes performance, but that chuckling sound you hear can only be one thing: Gervais having the last laugh.

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