Saturday, April 23, 2011

Angeline Jolie is $10 million richer with Louis Vuittion

Angelina Jolie has just signed on for a worldwide ad campaign for designer Louis Vuitton. A source says Jolie will be paid close to $10 million for being the face of LV. Shooting Jolie will be famed photographer Annie Leibowitz. Previously, Jolie had endorsement deals with St. John and Shiseido.

This is both a good get for Angelina and LV. LV gets to market itself as a wealthy brand using one of the most famous celebrities out there who has little or no controversy surrounding them and is widely loved and Angelina gets $10 million. Seems like a fair deal. Much better than the one Louis Vuitton made with me which was �leave the building now and we won�t call the cops.� Those guys are tough negotiators.

Side note: Aw, crap. Angelina Jolie has the Madonna arm thing going on. She�s about 1% fat right now.

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