Thursday, April 7, 2011

Priyanka Chopra is new face of Garnier

Global skincare leader Garnier has appointed actress Priyanka Chopra as the face of the new Garnier Skin Naturals range.

Chopra will be seen endorsing the Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer in print and television campaigns.

Richa Singh � Marketing Manager, Garnier India, said, �We are thrilled to partner with Priyanka Chopra; she is the face of the new Indian woman who is confident, versatile, discerning, and self made. She enjoys being herself, has a distinctive attitude and a unique style of her own, and believes she deserves the best which makes her a perfect fit for the brand.�

Talking of her association with Garnier, Chopra said, �Plain and simple, Garnier understands the Indian woman's skin. I am proud to be associated with a company that helps women enhance the way they look and feel about themselves by creating innovative beauty products that are inspired by nature.�

�Having personally used the new Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer over the past few months, I am absolutely convinced of its effectiveness in keeping my skin spot free, giving it a flawless glow. Garnier makes it very easy to 'Take Care' of your skin in the right way,� she said.

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