Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker flashes some bikini panties in tight bikini while in vacation.Celebrity MILF .

Every mother needs some time out every now and then, so Sarah Jessica Parker took herself down to a luxury spa in southern California for some respite.

The Sex And The City actress, 46, showed off her bikini body in a black two-piece during the relaxing break as she sunned herself with a female friend.

And she appeared in good shape despite what's likely to be a hectic lifestyle as a mother-of-three.

Relaxed: Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her bikini body during an extended break at a spa in southern California.Taking a break: The Sex And The City actress looks a little awkward as she gets off her sun lounger.Relaxed: Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her bikini body during an extended break at a spa in southern California

Miss Parker has three children, James, eight, and twins Tabitha and Marion, 22 months, although the latter were born to a surrogate mother.

In true Sex And The City style the actress spent time chilling out in the sun, sipping on fruity concoctions and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip with a copies of Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone.

According to reports, the actress is buying a �7.5million home in her own name to get some space away from husband Matthew Broderick, 49.

Now magazine claims that the couples' marriage is 'crumbling', weakened by Parker hiring two nannies to look after their children.

The magazine quotes a 'close friend' who claims the couple become more distant as she became more successful and 'his star fell': 'The sad thing is Sarah thought it was her fault as she was always working.

'He used to nag her to stop but someone has to pay the kids' college fees when they're older.'

It's then claimed that Broderick said his wife was shirking her responsibilities in hiring help to care for their three children.

The source said the Sex And The City star bought her own home in the West Village, near to where the couple live.

'It's a way of co-parenting with a bit of space between them. When she told him, he shrugged, which pretty much sealed the deal,' the source said.

'She told him she still loves him but she can't live with him any more. It's very sad. There's no doubt he loves the children but that's all that's holding them together.'

 Motherly duties: SJP takes her twin daughters out for a stroll in Downtown Manhattan earlier in the month

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