Monday, January 18, 2010


Today's quite a busy one People. Two posts in one day! Singer Usher Raymond claims that he was robbed of over a million dollars in jewelry! Here's what he alleges thus far. It happened in the ATL. (down-low perps trying to get icy while not trying to be Tardy for the Party maybe?) It happened while he was inside of the AT&T phone store. (Should we be on the lookout for a tatted up Usher with the name Cookie logoed on his upper chest?) Okay, in all seriousness, we do hope that the Let it Burn singer gets his pricey belongings returned. Nobody can afford to Light it Up in a recession :) The jewelry was left sitting in the back of his GMC Yukon. And one of the AT&T employees claims to have seen the crime when it was in progress....No snitching policy? Old girl better start talking... Usher's just the one to talk to if you got Confessions.....

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