Monday, January 18, 2010

A Murder At The People's Choice Awards 2010!!!

Well---not really, but Mary J did kill it (in the best kind of way) in the earrings shown above. I wasn't really into the Awards this year, but these baubles were certainly CityRocka-Post worthy. The delicious dangles in white and brown diamonds are by Jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. Here's something else to kill---all of the rumors about a possible splitsville with her husband Kendu Issacs because of an earlier reported scuffle @ her album release party. It's just my personal opinion, but didn't that scene play out as being timely??? Sing with me now readers. "Ain't nobody gonna treat you better, ain't nobody gonna touch you better, ain't nobody gonna love you better, boy than I can...than I can..." Dang, I'm one girl that can sing!!! LOL.

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