Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jesse James Is Spotted Wearing A Wedding Ring

Jerk-o Jesse James was spotted doing some shopping with fiancee Kat Von D in Santa Monica, CA on Wednesday.

There wasn't anything too unusual about the former 'Monster Garage' star as he was sporting his usual t-shirt and ball cap but there was one thing that stood out...a silver ring on his wedding finger. This of course let to speculations that the this rebound couple had already tied the knot, secretly but when asked about it Jesse stated:
"Nice try," and officially, "No comment."
A while later Kat tweeted:
Just got home from hands down THE best birthday! Still glowing from all the love from my family, friends, fianc�, n fans! So in love w life!"
Whether or not these to actually got hitched yet is something I don't really care about, I'll never really forgive him for what he did to my home girl Sandy.


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